Silenced Revolution Stratos & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit - Acoustic Ducting
  • Silenced revolution stratos   carboair filter extraction kit with controller
  • Stratos and vector silenced %28single%29
  • Isomax  carboair kit with acoustic %28parts%29
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Silenced Revolution Stratos & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit - Acoustic Ducting


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150 (6") 439 m3/hr

£429.95 £429.95
Silenced Revolution Stratos & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit - Acoustic Ducting
  • Silenced revolution stratos   carboair filter extraction kit with controller
  • Stratos and vector silenced %28single%29
  • Isomax  carboair kit with acoustic %28parts%29
  • Clothed2

Join the silenced revolution! The Silenced Revolution Stratos and CarboAir are an unbeatable combination

The Silenced Revolution Vector and CarboAir kit gives you everything you need for unbeatable extraction. The Silenced Revolution Stratos is internally the same as the non silenced version but in an acoustic housing. It's manufacturer System Air has gone to great effort to make this fan as quiet and efficient as possible. Silenced Stratos fans move an incredible amount of air and are the result of years of testing, and millions of pounds of research by System Air. Unlike RVK fans, which output air at around 90 degrees, air exits the Silenced Revolution Stratos in almost a straight line, making it travel much more efficiently down your ducting and create less noise along the way. Not only that, it's a single sealed unit so you can rest assured no smells will escape from your fan housing.

Until now carbon filter manufacturers have given you the choice between filters which either massively stifle your fan or inefficiently remove smells. The included CarboAir filter caters for the pro grower, offer thicker beds (60mm opposed to the industry average 50mm) of coarser, high quality carbon. This not only allows incredible air flow it removes any possible traces of smells. Alongside this ultimate duo you will receive Acoustic Ducting, insulation lined to remove any excess air movement noise from your extraction set up.

The kits are available in multiple sizes, please click the drop down to view available set ups. Use our handy guide below to figure out which is best for you.

  • Buy any duct fan or extraction kit and get £40 off the G.A.S Enviro Controller!
  • All the benefits of the Revolution Stratos with a silent acoustic housing
  • Revolution Stratos and CarboAir, Designed to perfectly match each other
  • 60mm high quality coarse CarboAir carbon bed depth gives more contact time, offering unbeatable airflow and eradication of unwanted odours
  • Sealed fan unit, ensuring no smelly air leaks from your fan
  • Includes Acoustic Ducting, removing unwanted air movement noise from your extraction.
  • Runs whisper quiet
  • All fittings and fixtures included

The Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit contains:

1 x Silenced Revolution Stratos fan (Choose your size from the drop down menu)
1 x 60mm Bed Depth CarboAir Filter to match your choice of fan
1 x 5m of Acoustic Ducting
1 x Fast Clamp
1 x Duct Clip

Which size kit do I need for my Grow Tent?

There exists a (relatively) easy formula to work out which size extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (meters cubed) of your grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Then, using that figure do, Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour (this will refresh the air in your grow room every minute).

Silenced Revolution Stratos fans have been designed specifically for the CarboAir filters and System Air have gone to the trouble of measuring airflow with filter attached, please see the figures below. The drop off in airflow is much smaller than any other fan!

Bear in mind it's always better to over spec your fan and reduce its output with a controller, this gives you the flexibility to increase it's output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for example in the middle of summer.

Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) 150 (6") 439 m3/hr with 60mm bed CarboAir 150mm/660mm (318 m3/hr airflow with filter)
Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) 200 (8") 947m3/hr with 60mm bed CarboAir 200mm/660mm (710 m3/hr airflow with filter)
Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) 250 (10") 2038m3/hr with 60mm bed CarboAir 250mm/1000mm (1660 m3/hr airflow with filter)

How the Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit works:

The extractor fan in your grow room removes hot, stale air and excess moisture from your grow room, which in turn draws fresh air in, controlling the environment and replacing CO2. If you're growing plants that have strong, unwanted odours, you're going to need to filter this air first before ducting it to an outside point. Your carbon filter attaches to your extractor fan - air gets sucked through an outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your extraction system. It then leaves clean and free of any odours, keeping unwanted smells locked firmly inside the grow space.

How to use Silenced Revolution Stratos (AC) & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit:

Before connecting to a power supply, join the fan and carbon filter together using the fast clamp, ensuring that the fan is placed so that, when powered-up, it will be drawing air through the filter. There are hanging attachments on either side of the fan to help position the fan and filter easily. Rope Ratchets make a great additional purchase: they’re perfect for supporting larger items, and, hanging fans in this way helps to lower vibration and reduce noise. Always position the fan and filter high-up in your grow space, in order to remove hot air as it rises, helping to control your grow area’s temperature. Place one end of the Acoustic Ducting onto the outlet side of the Fan and secure it into place using the duct clip. The ducting should then be placed so that it runs to a suitable outlet point, preferably to an outside area.

Keep the layout of your Acoustic Ducting simple, forming the shortest, straightest route to an outside area possible. Following this advice will lower air-resistance and allow you to get as close to 100% efficiency as is achievable. Ducting arrangements that are too long or have too many bends will create unnecessary noise and lower the effectiveness of your extraction. Putting a little time and effort into planning this aspect of your grow will pay dividends, helping to keep the air that your plants depend on as fresh as possible.

The high-torque motors on these duct fans are incredibly powerful, so under no circumstance should you ever put your fingers anywhere near the fan blades when they are operational. Doing so will almost certainly result in serious injury.

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