Sicce - Voyager Nano 1000 - Water Circulator

Sicce - Voyager Nano 1000 - Water Circulator

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Sicce - Voyager Nano 1000 - Water Circulator

The Voyager Nano is a 1000 litre per hour stream pump that can be used to circulate nutrients around your reservoir, helping to ensure that the solution is evenly mixed, assisting with oxygenation. Its magnetic back panel means that it can easily be attached to a convenient spot on the the side of your reservoir without having to spend time mounting it.

Please note: this is not a regular water pump and cannot be used for moving nutrients from one place to another for irrigating hydroponic systems. It is used for the circulation of nutrients only.

  • Sicce - Quality pumps designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Highly reliable - built to last
  • Moves 1000 litres of liquid per hour
  • Works well with pretty much any type of reservoir
  • Magnetic back panel for easy mounting
  • Keeps nutrients fresh and evenly mixed

The Sicce - Voyager Nano 1000 Contains:

1 x circulation pump unit, 1 x magnetic back panel

How the Voyager Nano 1000 Works:

The Voyager Nano is ideal for circulating nutrients around your reservoir tank, keeping the solution fresh and evenly mixed. It can be fitted and removed in literally seconds, thanks to it's magnetic back-panel. The back panel comes in two parts - one part attaches directly to the Voyager Nano and the other part secures the pump in place from the other side of the reservoir. See the image below or the video above for more information.

Measurements (approx): 10cm x 4cm x 6cm

Using the Voyager Nano 1000:

Set-up is quick and easy. The back panel comes in two parts: fit one part to the main body of the Voyager Nano. The second part sits on the other side of the reservoir. The magnetic draw between the two will ensure that the pump sits firmly in place. Once secure, plug the pump in using the 2.2m power cable and switch on. Do not run the pump dry - always ensure that it's fully submerged before turning it on.

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