Sicce Large Water Pump
  • 91852 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 4000 suprema
  • 91862 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 5800
  • 91832 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 2500 suprema

Sicce Large Water Pump


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5800 (5800 litres per hour) (Add: £26.95)

£63.00 £63.00
Sicce Large Water Pump
  • 91852 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 4000 suprema
  • 91862 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 5800
  • 91832 %28discontinued%29 water pump   sicce 2500 suprema

Quality & Value - Sicce Higher Power Submersible Water Pumps

These Sicce submersible water pumps are more powerful than standard types. They move 2500, 4000 or 5800 litres of water per hour. These are large flows of water and for this reason they use 25mm pipe connections rather than the standard 12.5mm type of outlet. They're perfect for delivering and recirculating nutrients in large systems, for pumping away waste or pretty much any other hydroponic application requiring the movement of large amounts of water to-and-from a given area. They can even be used as a sump pump.

  • Corrosion-resistant ABS plastic casing
  • Suction cups for secure positioning
  • Flow regulator for varying speed settings
  • Extremely reliable
  • Removable filter screen and replaceable filter
  • 25mm threaded outlet/inlet size


1 x Sicce Water Pump in the size of your choice

How the Sicce Submersible Water Pumps Work

Moving liquid from one point to another is essential to running most hydroponic systems. Blockages and equipment failures can lead to root-systems drying out – when this happens there is only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage. That’s why you need high quality pumps like Sicce. Because these pumps move large volumes of water quickly, they require larger bore pipework attached for it to be able to handle the flow rate. For this reason the inlet and outlet attachments are 25mm rather than the standard 12.5mm size. The connections are also threaded so that they can directly take certain fittings.

How to Use Sicce Submersible Water Pumps

The Sicce Micra is perfect for use in large hydroponic systems that require the movement of large nutrients to-and-from container areas, such as flood and drain, NFT, run to waste-systems, dripper systems, etc.

The pump should be connected to 25mm pipes using the supplied threaded attachment. Fit the suction cups to the underside of the pump and place it in the desired location, so that it is completely submerged in the water/nutrient solution.

Always keep the 3-pin plug well away from any liquids! Ensure that any water-flow in the system is well away from electrics before plugging the unit in and turning on at the mains supply.

Sicce 2500:
Max flow rate - 2500 litres / hour
Power consumption - 50w
Lift height - 3.1m

Sicce 4000:
Max flow rate - 4000 litre / hour
Power consumption - 52w
Lift height - 3.1m

Sicce 5800:
Max flow rate - 5800 litres / hour
Power consumption - 90w
Lift height - 3.8m

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