Shield Sulphur Cream - For Use With Hotboxes

Shield Sulphur Cream - For Use With Hotboxes

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Shield Sulphur Cream - For Use With Hotboxes

Shield Sulphur Cream

Shield Sulphur Cream is one of the best, natural ways of preventing pests and moulds getting a hold in your grow-room. When used, the cream emits a sulphur vapour which inhibits the spread of powdery mildew, botrytis and pests such as spider mites. Find out more about the Shield Range in our Blog Here

  • For use with hotbox
  • All natural, no nasty residue, like regular sulphur
  • Excellent preventative measure against moulds and garden pests
  • Best used in the dark period when garden extraction is switched off
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Non-toxic to humans and does not affect growth of plants
  • Great solution for spider mite and fungi control


1 x 200 gram pot of Shield Sulphur Cream

How Shield Sulphur Cream Works:

A lot of growers struggle with curbing an outbreak of powdery mildew and mould spores, when tending to their crops. Often, they end up resorting to chemical-filled products to try and take care of the problem. But Shield Sulphur Cream works just as well, but without all the nasty residue and added chemicals being fed into your plants. It’s completely natural, and works incredibly quickly.

Once the sulphur cream has been heated up in a hotbox vaporiser it will be dispersed slowly into the grow-room. As this product is made of all natural ingredients, it will not produce any toxic combustion products like sulphur dioxide, only sulphur vapour is produced when it is heated up. Sulphur vapour kills mould spores, preventing the spread of fungi and rot. Sulphur is also toxic to spider mites and various other grow-room pests.

How to use Shield Sulphur Cream:

This sulphur cream does not have to be vaporised neat, and is comprised of sulphur crystals and essential oils that are designed for regular use. This sulphur cream can be applied to a hotbox to encourage maximum effectiveness. The Hotbox should be hung roughly in the centre of the grow-room at a height of least 1 meter below the ceiling to give the sulphur vapour enough space to dissipate properly.

The sulphur inside the Hotbox should be filled to the fill-level mark with sulphur and then placed onto the internal hot-plate. During treatment times it is necessary to have grow-room extraction and intake fans switched off so that the sulphur remains in the room to do its job. This means that the best time to use the Hotbox is during the dark-period.