Shield Spider Mite In-Room Diffuser - Large

Shield Spider Mite In-Room Diffuser - Large

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Shield Spider Mite In-Room Diffuser - Large

The Best Long-Term Strategy for Keeping Your Growroom Spider Mite Free

As any grower who's experienced spider mite issues will tell you, infestations can destroy entire crops. The Shield In-Room Diffuser is the best strategy for ensuring that spider mites (and a whole host of other pests) never become an issue in your growroom. It works by using an automatic stirring system that agitates a small container of Shield Diffuser Solution (bought separately) in order to release tiny microns into the room. If that wasn't enough, it's built-in UV light will destroy airborne pathogens and spores at the same time! Don't wait until spider mites appear before doing something, do the sensible thing and take steps to make sure that they never take hold in the first place.  Find out more about the Shield Range in our Blog Here

  • Shields your crop against spider mites
  • Completely non-toxic, organic formula with no harmful chemicals
  • Gentle enough to use with smaller plants
  • Effective against a variety of pests, not just spider mites
  • Helps to combat the powdery mildew
  • Use the Shield trigger sprays for a quick hit and diffusers for a long-term strategy
  • Great for rooms of up to 60 cubic metres
  • Comes with its own power supply


1 x Shield Diffuser unit (large) - covers grow areas of up to 60 square metres

Also available 

Shield Spider Mite In-Room Diffuser - Small: covers grow areas of up to 25 square metres

Shield Spider Mite Diffuser Liquid - 500ml

Shield Spider Mite Diffuser Liquid - 1 litre

Refills are available in 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.

Shield Spider Mite Repellent Spray - 500ml

Shield Spider Mite Repellent Spray - 1 litre

Shield Spider Mite Repellent - 5 litre

How Shield Works:

Not only is shield effective against spider mites, it will also destroy a variety of other growroom pests, including russet mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs, whitefly and blackfly. There are two main product groups in the Shield range – trigger sprays are used for dealing with infestations quickly and effectively once spidermites have already been found in your indoor garden. Diffuser systems act as a preventative measure if you’ve got everything under control. The trigger sprays are simple spray-guns that come pre-filled with Shield’s powerful spider mite killing formula. To use these products, simply spray over both sides of leaves and wait. Within only one hour, spider mites will begin to die off and the damaging effects of the colony will be halted, giving your plants the best chance of making a recovery.

Shield Diffusers are more of a preventative treatment, covering a grow area of up to 60 metres squared. They utilise micron technology to distribute tiny particles of shield formula into the surrounding atmosphere using a motorised stirring system. Simply add some Shield liquid to the diffuser's container and switch it on. It should be noted that the Shield Diffuser refills use a different formula to the trigger-sprays, and for this reason, they are not interchangeable. The Diffuser system also utilises a UV light. This light treats any air that’s sucked through the diffuser to destroy pathogens and spores, helping to keep your growroom atmosphere as clean as possible, drastically reducing the chances of experiencing mildew and rot.