Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel 1L

Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel 1L

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Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel 1L

Eliminate unwanted odours AND pests with ease!

Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel is an all-in-one, completely organic product that works quickly to eliminate all types of pests, and destroy unwanted odours. This gel crystal product is made of neem oil, various essential oils, and other bio-organic neutralising agents, that stop you having to worry about dealing with smells, pests, and insects ever again! To find out more read our Blog about Neem Here

  • Efficiently eliminates grow room odours
  • Repels bugs, insects and pests (thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungas gnats and more)
  • Includes organic neem oil, which contains several lipids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, etc)
  • May also help control bacterial, viral and fungal infections, such as powdery mildew
  • Contains completely organic, and non-harmful ingredients
  • All-in-one long-lasting formula
  • Non-toxic to humans and does not affect growth of plants
  • One of the best solutions for spider mite control


1 x 1L pot of Crystal Aqua Neem Gel

How Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel Works:

This product is a combination of neem oil and organic ingredients in gel crystal form, and works to get rid of unwanted odours and pests. This unique formula is comprised of entirely natural ingredients, which makes it completely safe to use on your plants, its totally non-toxic to humans, as well as animals. Neem is not directly soluble in water.

Neem is a complete miracle oil that also has many non-growing benefits. It has been known to reduce inflammation, treat acne, and even shrink the size of prostate tumours. In terms of growing, neem oil contains many organic, active ingredients such as Azadirachtin (from the neem tree) and Nimbin. It also contains various lipids such as omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

These ingredients and essential oils disperse into your grow room to fend off pesky pests and insects, such as aphids, thrips and mealy bugs. It also completely gets rid of any unwanted odours that might seep out of your grow space. As it is also an anti-bacterial, it is said to suppress the activity of viral and bacterial infections.

Neem oil can be a helpful tool when it comes to dealing with persistant powdery mildew, and is particularly effective against relentless spider mites. These are one of the biggest annoyances to growers, but with Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel you won’t have to worry about them at all anymore.

How to use Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel:

Neem oil can sometimes be sprayed on to plants or equipment to keep pests at bay, but with Shield's Crystal Aqua Neem Gel you won’t have to worry about any mess or spray bottles. Especially when you have a large grow space, spraying neem may not be the most efficient or easiest option, but Crystal Aqua Neem Gel is super easy to use.

As it is already contained within its own pot there’s no extra fuss, and can simply just be opened and left in your grow space as a stand-alone product.

The Shield Crystal Aqua Neem Gel releases neem into the air when air passes over it. The neem infused air can then be distributed in the grow-space by something as simple as a circulation fan.

Our recommended method of using it would be to use it with a DiffuseAir. When the DiffuseAir does its magic in your grow room the air is better circulated, thus dispersing the neem easier and more efficiently.