Shield Bac-Off
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Shield Bac-Off


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Shield Bac-Off 500ml (Out of Stock)

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Shield Bac-Off
  • Sheild bac off %28all  new 1 litre%29
  • Bakoff
  • Sheild bac off 1 litre bottle %28new%29
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All Natural, All-In-One Solution To Ruthless Plant Disease Problems!

Bac-Off is a new, revolutionary all-natural product that will change how you grow forever. This product uses a vital blend of essential oils to kill off a variety of bacteria and fungus in your grow space. Find out more about the Shield Range in our Blog Here or read our blog all about Shield Bac-Off Here

  • Kills off 99.99% of bacteria, mould, fungus, infestations and powdery mildew
  • Great for cleaning propagators and other grow room equipment
  • Reduces the likelihood of encountering pathogen-based issues like Pythium
  • Safe enough to be sprayed directly onto plants, treating powdery mildew
  • Uses natural, essential oils – namely tea tree and neem oil
  • Effective and easy to use with a pleasant and subtle fragrance
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Great solution for mould and fungi control
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 500ml, 1 litre or 5 litre


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How Shield Bac-Off works:

Shield Bac-Off can be used anywhere that mould or bacteria is present, by either spraying directly onto your plants at the site of the infestation, or on the roots. It effectively kills off 99.99% of bacteria, mould, and relentless fungi, working quickly to remove harmful spores and reduce chances of a resurgence in infestation.

Bac-Off is just as effective, if not more, than its chemical-based counterparts. Its blend of all-natural, essential oils significantly reduces the risk of having to encounter pathogenic-based problems such as Pythium and powdery mildew, and stops them dead in their tracks. Bac-Off can be used to clean your propogators, and provide a safe environment for your plants to thrive in. Due to being made from all natural ingredients, it is safe for humans and non-corrosive with no nasty residue.

Powdery mildew is an incredibly difficult, and stubborn problem that most growers experience very often, and it has the ability to destroy your entire crop. Bac-Off is one of the best products on the market for stopping powdery mildew in its tracks, and manages to prevent it from getting worse or even showing up at all.

How to use Shield Bac-Off:

Bac-Off is, ideally, to be sprayed directly onto plants. It can also be wiped off your grow room interior if needed, without any fuss. This method does not need to be diluted down as the product comes ready for application. If it is required, you can dilute it as needed (0.5ml per litre) to run through your hydro system.

Not only can Bac-Off be used to treat infestation, but it can also be used as a preventative measure, as its all natural oils work to block plant disease. This new product has already become a favourite amongst many seasoned growers.

It can also be combined with other Shield products (such as Plant Wash) to provide an all-round protection of your plants, through an evenly dispersed mist of essential oils.

When you’re controlling pathogenic bacteria you plant is under a constant stream of attack, so after using Bac-Off your plant’s health will see a dramatic increase when it’s no longer subjected to the onslaught of infestation.


Dear Sir,

Just wish to comment on your products - I along with my 10 year old grandson have an allotment where we grow a wide range to vegetables and this last year's harvest was the best for a while. This was mainly through using the shield products, where the plants were kept free of aphids and fungal infections. It's brilliant that there isn't any need to use chemicals or pesticides just nature's essential oils. Thanking you again,

Gareth Cameron

My name is Rob Hall and I have grown and shown vegetables for over 40 years at both club and national levels. For many years I have struggled against pests and disease, wanting not only to grow exceptional veg but also to be able to eat it safely. At last I can say I have found an answer! Shield have a range of affordable products that really control pests and disease, with the added bonus of being safe to use without the need for protective clothing and masks. Further and best of all we get to eat all those lovely vegetables as well!

Yours sincerely 

Rob Hall

National Pot Leek Society Chairman 

Hello there,

My name’s Paul Rochester I am the current world record holder for the heaviest leek. I have tried shield product, which I received off Harry Johnson with great success! Back off worked well on rust on leeks without having to use nasty chemicals and plant wash worked well on aphids on my Brussel sprouts. 


Paul Rochester