Root!t - Propagator Lid

Root!t - Propagator Lid

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Root!t - Propagator Lid

Root!t Propagator Lid

The Root!t Propagator Lid creates a humid area to nurture cuttings and seedlings. This item fits the Root!t Propagator Tray perfectly (not included). It has two adjustable vents, allowing you to fine-tune moisture levels.

  • Large-sized Propagator Lid for many cuttings
  • Economical plastic construction
  • Includes 2 adjustable air-vents
  • Tray not included - available separately: Root!t Propagator Tray
  • Helps you to root your cuttings
  • Excellent value for money


1 x Root!t Propagator Lid

Also available:
Root!t Propagator Tray

54cm x 33cm x 15cm

How the Root!t Propagator Lid works:

The Root!t Propagator Lid is a large, clear plastic lid with adjustable vents which fits the Root!t Propagator Tray (available separately). Together they form a budget propagator. The two together take most standard size trays of rockwool propagation plugs or two trays of 24 Root!t Fleximix Plugs or even a Jiffy 7 - 84 Hole Plastic Tray.

This item is designed for those with a strict budget in mind. The plastic construction is not particularly thick and is not very rigid. However, with careful use it should get the user through a few rounds of cuttings before they move on to a higher quality item. Please make sure that you get the Root!t Propagator Tray if you require it as a tray is not included

Using the Root!t Propagator Lid

This lid is not particularly rigid and the tray (not included) is not really designed to be moved around when loaded up with propagation plugs and cuttings.

Comprehensive instructions about how to take cuttings and using a propagator can be found in various places on the internet. Here is a short guide: Place a tray (or two small trays) of your favourite moistened rooting cubes into the bottom tray of the propagator. Choose healthy shoots with thick stems from which to take your cuttings and make the last cut with a sharp, sterile scalpel. Dip the end in a rooting gel such as clonex and then place the end of the cutting into one of the rooting plugs. When you have finished taking your cuttings for best results put the lid on your propagation tray and keep it in a mild environment.

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