Rhino Control - Manual 8 Amp Silent Day/Night Fan Controller

Rhino Control - Manual 8 Amp Silent Day/Night Fan Controller

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Rhino Control - Manual 8 Amp Silent Day/Night Fan Controller

Great Value Transformer-Type Fan Speed Controller with Day and Night Settings

The Rhino Manual 8 Amp Silent Fan Controller is a Transformer-type which means it will not cause any resonances or hums in your duct fans. There are 5 fan speeds and 2 outlet sockets which can supply up to 8 amps which is equivalent to over 1800 watts. Separate fan speeds can be selected for the day and the night which the unit detects via a light sensor. 2 other non-controllable sockets are provided for an auxiliary fan, such as for circulation, and also for a heater up to 2KW.

  • Rhino - Manufacturers of top quality filters, fans and controllers
  • Transformer type controller does not cause fan resonances or vibrations
  • 2 Manual 5 speed switches - one for daytime, one for night
  • Can supply up to 8 amps for duct fans - 1800 watts
  • 2 outlet sockets for duct fans
  • 1 outlet for an auxiliary fan
  • 1 outlet for a heater up to 2KW
  • Robust case with hanging back-plate


1x Rhino Control Manual 8-amp fan speed controller

How the Rhino Control Manual 8-Amp Silent Fan Speed Controller Works:

Most fan speed controllers works by rapidly "pulsing" the electrical power to a the fan. The fan speed is controlled by varying the length of the delivered  pulses. While this works well to control the speed of the fan, the pulsing of the electricity can cause resonances, vibrations or can cause a humming sound from the fan motor.

Transformer-type fan speed controllers work differently. A large transformer inside of the unit has several outputs or "taps" which deliver different voltages levels. The fan speed is controlled by via a switch on the front which selects which voltage output powers the fan. Although the transformer inside makes these types relatively heavy, by using this method of controlling the fan speed the possibility of causing resonances, vibrations or humming is erradicated.

This particular model has a large 8-amp transformer which provides power to your duct fans through 2 of the outlet sockets on the front. Heavy duty 6-way switches give the user a choice of 5 fan speeds or "Off". One of the switches controls the fan speed during the light-on period, the other controls the fan speeds during the dark period. A light sensor on a flying lead detects whether it is day or night.

2 other non-controllable outlet sockets are provided on the front of the unit. One is for an auxiliary fan, such a circulation type. The other can provide power for a heater up to 2Kw

A strong metal bracket on the rear of the controller is convenient for hanging.

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