RAM 10L/Day Dehumidifier
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RAM 10L/Day Dehumidifier

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RAM 10L/Day Dehumidifier
  • 93400 ram dehumidifier
  • 93400 ram dehumidifier rear
  • 93400 ram dehumidifier menu

Keep Mould and Slow Plant Growth at Bay with a RAM Dehumidifier

Please note - these are currently unavailble, but check out the Inventor Dehumidifier as a fantastic replacement.

High humidity levels can slow down plants' transpiration, and if they aren't transpiring much, they aren't growing much! Also, high humidity levels can cause mould and rot problems. Using a dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels in the air within a reasonable range will ensure plant growth does not slow down and that fungal infections don't take hold. This RAM Dehumidifier can extract up to 10 litres of water out of the air per day.

  • RAM - Great products at great prices
  • Reduces / eliminates damp and risk of mould
  • Dehumidifier removes up to 10 litres of water from the air per day
  • Can be set to reduce relative humidity to between 35% and 80% in 5% steps
  • Can also to be set to run continuously no matter what the relative humidity is
  • Includes a "Quiet" mode for night time use
  • Includes a Timer function which can turn off the unit after a set amount of time
  • Can treat a space of 10m2 to 20m2
  • Automatically goes into standby mode when the tank is full (1.8 litres)
  • A supplied drainage pipe can be connected so there's no need to empty the tank
  • Fitted with castors for easy moving


1x RAM 10L Dehumidifier + 1 x 60cm drainage pipe

How the RAM 10L Dehumidifier Works:

The air conditions in your grow space are very important. The temperature and the relative humidity both need to be within range so that plants can transpire & therefore grow optimally. The air temps and the RH together affect something called Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) which is a measurement of the "drying" ability of the air. As temps go up, or humidity goes down, this drying ability increases. Plants grow best when the VPD is within a certain range. Therefore, the relative humidity of the air in a grow space should ideally be appropriate for the temperature. To learn more about this why not our blog article about VPD here, or watch our video about VPD here. A relative humidity level that is too high not only affects plant growth speed, it also creates the perfect conditions for mould and rot to take hold.

If the relative humidity is too low, then the problem can be solved with a humidifier. However, if the relative humidity is too high then a dehumidifier can be used to reduce it.

The RAM 10L Dehumidifier works by drawing air into it with a fan and then cools it with a heat exchange unit. As the air is cooled, the water in it condenses out of it which effectively "dries" it. The condensation is then collected in a 1.8 litre tank, or it can be piped directly into a drain via a supplied 60cm length of tubing. This unit can extract up to 10 litres of water from the air per day. The higher the RH and temperature of the air, the faster that water will be collected.

The unit can be set to reduce the humidity down until a desired RH level (between 35% and 80% in 5% steps) is reached, or it can set to just run continuously, regardless of what the RH is.

A timer function allows the unit to be run for a certain number of hours (1 to 24 in 1 hour increments) after which it goes into standby mode.

The RAM dehumidifier also features a quiet mode which lowers the fan speed (and therefore the noise level) which is a useful function for night time. The quiet mode does reduce the rate at which water is extracted from the air.

The unit is fitted with castors for easy movement.

How to use the RAM 10L Dehumidifier:

The dehumidifier should be placed at least 20cm (8 inches) away from any walls or surfaces to allow free movement of air around it.

If you wish to run the condensed water straight to a drain (bypassing the tank) then the supplied drainage pipe needs to be connected. To do this, pull out the drainage tank at the rear, locate the condenser outlet at the top-right inside of the tank cavity. Push one end of the supplied pipe firmly over the outlet and close the tank running the pipe through the notch on the rear. The other end of the pipe can then be run to a drain.

The control panel is simple to use. Press the power button to bring the unit out of standby. The power indicator light will show green and the 2-digit display shows the current relative humidity.

Use the "Setting" button to set the RH that you wish to get down to. successive presses will cycle through the options: 35% > 40% > 45% > 50% > 55% > 60% > 65% > 70% > 75% > 80% > CO (continuous operation regardless of what the RH has been reduced down to). If the button is not pressed for 5 seconds, the desired RH will be set, and the display will go back to showing the current RH. If the setting button is pressed and held for 3 seconds the unit will display the current temperature in ºC.

To set a length of time for the unit to run for before going into standby, press the "Timer" button. Each press will increase the number of on-hours by 1 as shown on the display. After a few seconds the display will return to showing the current RH. When the timer function is operating the timer indicator light will show green.

The unit can be set to operate in "Dry" mode or "Quiet" mode. For maximum dehumidification speed the unit should be left in "Dry" mode. In this mode the "Dry" indicator light will show red. To reduce the sound of the fan, press the "Mode button". The fan speed (and noise) will be reduced and the "Quiet" indicator light will show green. However, in this mode the rate of dehumidification will also be reduced.

If you are not running the condensed water straight to a drain and instead you are using the tank to collect it then when the tank is full the unit will go into standby to prevent the tank overflowing. Also, the "Full" indicator light will flash letting you know that the tank needs to be emptied. Although the unit can extract up to 10 litres of water per day (in very high RH conditions) it is worth bearing in mind that the tank capacity is 1.8 litres. In very damp air conditions, the tank may need to be emptied several times per day. Otherwise the dehumidifier will go idle when tank gets full. In these circumstances it is worth considering using the supplied drainage tubing and sending the water straight down to a drain.

Power consumption: 200 Watts

Maximum dehumidifying capacity: 10 Litres/day (at >80%RH and >30ºC)

Working space: 10mto 20m2

Treated air rate: 100m3/hour

Noise level: 42dB

Working temperature: 5ºC to 32ºC

Weight (tank empty): 10Kg



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