Propagator - Large Heated with Variable External Thermostat and Probe

Propagator - Large Heated with Variable External Thermostat and Probe

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Propagator - Large Heated with Variable External Thermostat and Probe

Propagator - Large Heated with Variable Thermostat and Probe

Propagators help to provide a humid, enclosed environment in which to nurture cuttings and seedlings until they become rooted. This propagator is large in size and is heated to help root your cuttings particularly in colder weather. The variable thermostat is useful for keeping temperatures and therefore humidity in perfect balance for young plants and cuttings.

  • Large-sized propagator for up to 48 cuttings
  • Tough & strong plastic construction
  • Clear lid to allow light through, 2 adjustable ventilation holes
  • 50-watt heater provides gentle warmth to the root-zone
  • Heater controlled via thermostat for precise temperature control between 12 - 28c
  • Temperature probe fitted
  • Includes 3 seed trays and 10 small plant pots
  • Helps to root cuttings faster in colder rooms 
  • Excellent value for money


  • 1 x Propagator (Large Heated with Variable Thermostat and Probe)
  • 1x Large Seed Tray
  • 2x Small Seed Trays
  • 10x Small Plant Pots
Propagator - 52cm x  42cm x  26cm
Large Seed Tray: 38cm x 23cm x 70cm
Small Seed Tray: 22cm x 16cm x 5cm
Small Plant Pots: 8cm x 8cm
Power Consumption: 50 watts

How the Propagator - Large Heated with Variable Thermostat and Probe Works:

This propagator consists of a deep bottom tray and a tall, clear plastic lid. The bottom can hold a tray of rooting-cubes into which fresh cuttings are placed. When the clear plastic lid is placed on the top, a humid environment is created which helps to prevent your cuttings from wilting and dying. Two adjustable ventilation slots are provided on the top of the lid so that humidity can be reduced as the cuttings begin to root and to provide a limited supply of fresh air whenever necessary.

This propagator can be used for up to about 48 cuttings at a time. If the root-zone gets cold, it can take a long time to get cuttings to root. The propagator can be plugged in to a mains outlet which then powers a built-in 50 watt heater. The heater provides gentle warmth to the root-zone, helping your cuttings to root more quickly. The variable thermostat will control the heat produced between 12 to 28 degrees, this is very useful when attempting to root cuttings in places where outside temperatures are variable. The probe sits inside the propagator via a small slit in the side of the bottom propagator tray.

Using the Propagator - Large Heated with Variable Thermostat and Probe

Comprehensive instructions about how to take cuttings and using a propagator can be found in various places on the internet. Here is a short guide: Place a tray of your favourite moistened rooting cubes into the bottom tray of the propagator. Choose healthy shoots with thick stems from which to take your cuttings and make the last cut with a sharp, sterile scalpel. Dip the end in a rooting gel such as clonex and then place the end of the cutting into one of the rooting plugs. When you have finished taking your cuttings, put the lid on the propagator and move to a mild environment with low-medium light levels for the first few days.

If the room is cool or cold, your cuttings will usually root more quickly and reliably if the propagator is plugged into a mains outlet socket. This turns on the integral heater which provides gently warmth to the root-zone. Keep the rooting plugs moist and mist your cuttings 2-3 times a day. After a few days, gradually increase light levels and open up the ventilation slots on the lid to reduce humidity. When your cuttings have rooted through the plugs, they can then be placed in soil or a hydroponics system to grow.

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