Proactive Full Growing Suite
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  • 753060   proactive full suite

Proactive Full Growing Suite

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Proactive Full Growing Suite
  • 753060   proactive full suite2
  • 753060   proactive full suite

Get the Full Range of Proactive Nutrients with the Full Growing Suite

The Proactive Full Growing Suite, inspired by renowned hydroponics expert and author Jeffery Winterborne has everything required to grow your favourite plants in one handy package. The Proactive Nutrient range is a revolutionary way of hydroponic feeding developed to maximise plant development, from the tiny seedling stretching for light, to huge plants, deep in flower.

Included in the Proactive Full Growing Suite is 'Root Stimulator' for explosive root formation, 'Self Defence' to protect against stress and disease and 'Boost and Fungicide Effect' to prevent crop damage while giving a boost to quality and yields. Alongside these is 'Nano Power Powder', which retains CO2 within the leaves, for increased plant performance, 'pH Water Conditioner' that stabilizes your water pH levels and the 'All-in-One Nutrient', containing all the grow and bloom nutrients required in one, easy to use liquid formula. With each area of plant nutrition being covered exclusively with each bottle, your plants will have everything they could ever need, to grow, bloom and prosper.

  • Proactive Full Growing Suite includes everything you need for complete plant nutrition in one box
  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned growers alike
  • Developed by leading hydroponics expert and celebrated author Jeffery Winterbourne
  • The Proactive Full Growing Suite contains: Root Stimulator for rapid root growth, Self Defence for disease resistance, plus Boost and Fungicide Effect for increased crop quality and anti-fungal properties
  • The Proactive Full Growing Suite also contains: Nano Power Powder for increased CO2 storage capacity, pH Water Conditioner for pH stabilizing and All-in-One Nutrient to cover all aspects of grow and bloom
  • All Proactive products are highly concentrated and cost effective


1 x Proactive Root Stimulator 1 Litre
1 x Proactive Self Defence 1 Litre
1 x Proactive Boost and Fungicide Effect 1 Litre
1 x Proactive pH Water Conditioner 1 Litre
1 x Proactive All-in-One Nutrient 1 Litre
1 x Proactive Nano Power Powder 140g

For more information about the entire Proactive Nutrient Range check our blog here

How the Proactive Full Growing Suite works

Building on the success of their inspired range of plant additives, Proactive have created the Proactive Full Growing Suite. Featuring everything required to grow plants from start to finish, using each additive in turn to grow plants to their full potential. Contained in the Proactive Full Growing Suite are the following:

Proactive Root Stimulator - An incredibly powerful fertiliser that enhances and stimulates root growth

Proactive Root Stimulator's unique formula contains the ACRECIACTIV™ molecule, which naturally occurs in plants. ACRECIACTIV™ is a purified compound, produced naturally by plants to resist environmental stresses – e.g. dehydration, low temperatures and salinity. Proactive Root Stimulator also helps with nutrient uptake and absorption and is crammed full of pure L-amino acids and humic acids to aid with root health and development. This synergistic combination of ingredients will produce dramatic root development in the early stages of a plants life cycle, leading to plentiful flower and fruit production in later life.

Proactive Self Defence - The ultimate preventative measure

Proactive Self Defence improves the production of peroxidase, an enzyme known to play a key part in pathogen defence. Proactive Self Defence thickens cell walls and improve nutrient uptake, while combating the first signs of root disease and stress issues. By putting your plants on high alert, Proactive Self Defence makes it easier for the ingredients within to fight off any potential environmental stresses that might plague your plants.

This prevention boosts your plant’s overall health and stops spores from forming in the plant’s cells or on the leaves and flowers. It should be noted that Self Defence should ultimately be used as a preventative measure, not as a cure and should be used as such.

Proactive Boost and Fungicide - Guarantees higher yields and improved crop quality

Proactive Boost and Fungicide Effect works to significantly increase the size of your yield and influences the quality of your end product. When applied directly to the leaves of your plant, Boost and Fungicide Effect can completely eradicate the effects of powdery mildew and correct sulphur deficiencies in your crop at the same time. Proactive Boost and Fungicide Effect contains important constituents of proteins, such as sulphur and nitrogen, which enhance photosynthesis, and provide your plants with the essential proteins they crave.

The Proactive Boost and Fungicide Effect also contains natural chelating properties, in the form of  organic wood extracts called Lignosulfonates, which form stable and soluble complexes with metallic ions. This acts as a wetting agent, improves adhesion, and has a softening effect which avoids crystallization when used as a foliar spray.

Proactive pH Water Conditioner - Greatly reduces the negative effects of hard water

Proactive pH Water Conditioner works in two ways. Firstly, pH Water Conditioner neutralises the cations in your water, pH balancing it and preventing any negative effects that hard water can cause to your plants. This greatly improves the availability of the important cations in your nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium, improving nutrient uptake by the plant.

The net result is that deficiencies are avoided, ensuring that your plants grow strong and healthy. Secondly, Proactive pH Water Conditioner works by stabilising the pH your water, allowing your plants to access all nutrients they require at any given time. pH Water Conditioner lowers pH and stabilizes it with buffers, meaning that there is less pH management required leading to pH problems becoming a thing of the past.

Proactive All-in-One Nutrient - An easy-to-use 1 part base nutrient for all stages of growth and bloom

Most base nutrients come in an A & B 2-part form. Proactive All-in-One uses clever chelation technology, allowing all the nutrients to be combined in one bottle without any risk of precipitation or degradation during storage. Using only one bottle Proactive All-in-One simplifies the process of mixing up a batch of nutrient solution. Proactive All-In-One contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, along with a host of trace elements, amino acids and bio stimulants, to cover all stages of vegetation and flower. Proactive All-in-One Nutrient helps to maintain rapid growth rates at all stages of plant development.

Proactive Nano Power Powder - Maximises stored levels of C02 in your plants leaves, while adding extra calcium and silica to strengthen plant cells

Proactive Nano Power Powder maximises the levels of CO2 stored in your plant’s leaves. This means that should conditions arise where a plant needs to close its stomata (high heat, low humidity, drought etc.) then the plant can continue to photosynthesise with its reserves of stored CO2. It is recommended that you use Proactive Nano Power Powder as a foliar spray, but it can also be used in your reservoir.

Proactive Nano Powder also acts as a soluble calcium and silica supplement. Calcium is incredibly important for the health and quality of your crop, while improving fruit production. Silica provides a whole wealth of benefits - from alleviating plant stresses and strains to increasing levels of photosynthesis and toughening plant cell walls.

How to use the Proactive Full Growing Suite

The Proactive Full Growing Suite can be utilised using any medium, however the way it should be used depends on the medium and system in question. Below are four feed charts to cover all media types and growing practices:

Proactive Nutrient Guide using Active Hydroponic & Coco Systems (recirculating or run to waste) such as NFT, Flood and Drain, IWS systems, Aqua/water farms and Wilma systems.

Proactive Nutrient Guide using Passive Hydroponic & Coco Systems (recirculating or run to waste) such as Easy Feed, Autopot and GoGro bottom feeding systems.

Proactive Nutrient Guide using Active Soil Systems (recirculating or run to waste) such as Flood and Drain and Wilma systems or hand watering.

Proactive Nutrient Guide using Passive Soil Systems (recirculating or run to waste) such as Easy Feed, Autopot and GoGro systems or hand watering.

Proactive Water Conditioner Chart for all growing methods and in all growing systems.

Proactive Nutrients and boosters are superb BUT if you use a reservoir of any kind then you need to keep it very well mixed. Using an air pump and air stone will NOT be sufficient. We strongly recommend the use of a purpose designed nutrient solution circulator such as one of the Sicce Water Circulators: Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 or Sicce Voyager Nano 2000

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one. Make sure that when storing the container, you keep it away from frost, as this will damage the components of the nutrient.



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