Proactive All-In-One Base Nutrient - 250ml

Proactive All-In-One Base Nutrient - 250ml

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Proactive All-In-One Base Nutrient - 250ml

Proactive All-In-One - The Commercial Grower's Secret Weapon

All-In-One is an easy-to-use 1 part base nutrient that's the result of millions of pounds of research and development by the professional horticultural industry. Try it and you'll find out why it's the first choice for thousands of large scale commercial growers.

  • Used by the professional horticultural industry
  • Delivers rapid growth rates and vibrant plant health
  • Used right the way through the grow and bloom stages
  • Concentrated formula - 250ml makes up to 500 litres of feed
  • Most nutrients are in a chelated, highly available form
  • Delivers essential macro and micro nutrients, amino acids and bio-nutritional activators
  • Activates plant cell metabolisms
  • Improves photosynthesis and the nutrient uptake


1 x Proactive All-In-One Base Nutrient - 250ml


N - 8.9%
P2O5 - 2.7%
K2O - 7.2%
MgO - 0.11%
SO3 - 0.11%
B - 420 ppm
Cu - 120 ppm
Fe - 210 ppm
Mn - 420 ppm
Mo - 40 ppm
Zn - 340 ppm

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How Proactive All-In-One Works:

Proactive Nutrients are brought to you by the legendary Jeff Winterborne; the man who wrote the definitive book on indoor growing, 'Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture'. This is a slightly tweaked version of a formula that was originally designed for use by commercial growers in the professional horticultural industry. Jeff spotted the potential of this nutrient and has since had hundreds of growers test it out before releasing it to the hydroponics world. The feedback so far has been immense! This formula almost guarantees superb results, delivering the biggest possible yields of the highest quality crop possible.

Most Base nutrients are in an A & B 2-part form. Proactive All-in-One uses clever chelation technology which allows alll ithe nutrients to be combined in one bottle without any risk of precipitation or degredation during storage. With there being only one bottle of Base nutrient, Proactive All-in-One really simplifies the process of mixing up a batch of nutrient solution.

All-In-One contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and a whole host of trace elements, as well as amino acids and bio-nutritional activators. Amino acids form protein building blocks that heighten plants' resistance to stress, helping to maintain rapid growth rates.

To find out more about the Proactive range click here.

How to use Proactive All-In-One:

Proactive All-in-One can be used for soil, coco or any hydroponics substrate.

Add at a rate of between 0.5ml and 3ml per litre, and add to your reservoir. All-In-One can also be used as a foliar. You'll find a copy of the Proactive feedchart attached to this description. For best results, check your nutrient strength and pH regularly with quality meters and adjust as necessary. 

Proactive nutrients and boosters are superb BUT if you use a reservoir in your system you need to keep it very well mixed. Using an air pump and airstone will NOT be sufficient. We strongly recommend the use of a purpose designed nutrient solution circulator such as one of the Sicce Water Circulators: Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 or Sicce Voyager Nano 2000

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Please ask a member of staff for the recommended nutrient strength and pH range for the particular type of plant that you wish to grow as different types of plant have different nutrient strength requirements. The ideal nutrient strength may also vary depending on the growth stage of the plant.