700w Oil Filled Radiator

700w Oil Filled Radiator

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700w Oil Filled Radiator

700w Oil Filled Radiator

Plants are very susceptible to changes in temperature and keeping your growing environment between 24-26 degrees is important your plant health and ultimately give you better yields! When your plants are in their dark cycle, the 700w Oil Filled Radiator offsets the lack of heat from the lights and keeps you plants within their optimum range, especially coming into winter when the temperature drops heavily these are an absolute essential to have. 

•    Oil filled not fan based so it won’t dry out your environment
•    Adjustable thermostat
•    Easily portable
•    Incredibly reliable


1 x 700w Oil Filled Radiator

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How the 700w Oil Filled Radiator Works:

As the name suggests its filled with oil which is electrically heated internally to the radiator and evenly distributes heat throughout the radiator and into your grow room.

Using the 700w Oil Filled Radiator

We would recommend attaching it to an external temperature gauge so you leave it powered on in situ for it to come on to maintain your space to the optimum temperature, or when you switch your lights off switch it on and keep it in a mid-setting depending on the size of your space. This 700w radiator will comfortably heat a 2m x 2m space evenly.