Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector

Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector

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Powerplant Sun Mate CFL Reflector

Designed and Engineered to Bring the Best Out of Your CFLs

The Sun Mate has been designed specifically for running compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). It will house both 125w and 250w lamps comfortably and there's even a switch at the back of the unit so you can turn your lighting on and off without having to do it from the mains socket.

  • Brings out the very best in compact fluorescent lighting
  • Ideal for cuttings and seedlings, and the vegetative growth stages in general
  • Creates very even light distribution
  • Features a convenient power switch at the rear
  • Can be used with 125w and 250w CFL
  • Low heat profile when used with CFLs
  • Dimpled, hammer-tone finish to eliminate hot-spots

53cm x 32.5cm x 17.5cm

How the Sun Mate Works:

Sun Mate CFL reflectors are deeper than standard reflectors, making them a much better fit for CFL lamps. Typical reflectors are designed around HPS lamps, which are much thinner than CFLs. The Sun Mate will help to maximise the effectiveness of your CFL by ensuring that every last bit of light is directed towards your plants, where it's needed most! Many growers hang their CFLs vertically above their plants, which is incredibly inefficient. Switching to using the Sun Mate can increase light levels by over 50% compared to this method, making your indoor garden more efficient, quickening the turnaround time on cuttings and accelerating overall growth rates.

Using the Sun Mate:

Hang your reflector in the centre of the grow space. We recommend using rope ratchets for this purpose. Pick up your CFL using a clean cloth and screw it into the reflector's E40 socket. The unit's power cable can then be plugged into a wall socket and the lighting can be switched on and off using the green switch at the back of the unit. Manual switching won't be practical in most situations. When lighting schedules need to be automated, we recommend using a heavy-duty timer.