Phresh Intake Filters


Size: 4" (100mm/150mm)
Sale price£39.99

Phresh Intake Filter - Stop Bugs In Their Tracks

Bugs, mould, pollen and dust getting into your grow-space through your air intake system all have the potential to ruin your crop and undo weeks of hard work. Fitting a Phresh intake filter onto the start of your intake ducting protects your crop. Stop contaminants insects and mould in their tracks whilst only minimally affecting your fans air-flow. A must-have for the warm-weather months!

How Phresh Intake Filters Work

The Phresh Intake Filter is a carbon felt shield that fits straight onto your air intake system. The filter is made up of a layer of nano carbon mesh - fine enough to stop bugs, dust and spores from being sucked into your grow-space whilst maintaining 90% of air flow rates.

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The Phresh Intake Filter is available in 5 different sizes: 4" (100mm), 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (315mm)


  • Fits onto the start of your intake ducting
  • Very cost-effective
  • Patented pleating, providing a large surface area and high air flow
  • Use on your air inlet to stop the bugs, spores & debris getting in!

How To Use

How to Use Phresh Intake Filters

Phresh intake filters must be matched to the intake fan that they are being used with in terms of the diameter of the venting and air flow rate. Also, if the intake fan diameter is different to the filter diameter then it will not be possible to connect them without using a ducting reducer or enlarger.

Before use, ensure the plastic wrap is removed from the outside of the filter drum and that the dust filter sleeve is in place.

The Phresh intake filter is then ready to be mounted at the entry point of your cold air intake ducting. To attach the filter drum to the ducting, first start by sliding the ducting over the flange of the filter drum, once in place, this can then be secured using a Duct clip. To ensure that all joints between filter and ducting are fully air tight, Phonic Trap tape can be used to prevent any possible air leaks alongside the Duct clip.

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