Phresh Filter 12" (315mm) x 24" (600mm) - 2500m3/hr

Phresh Filter 12" (315mm) x 24" (600mm) - 2500m3/hr

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Phresh Filter 12" (315mm) x 24" (600mm) - 2500m3/hr

Phresh Filters Improve Airflow, for a More Efficient Extraction System

Please note: the above image shows the 10 inch version

Phresh Filters are hugely popular among commercial growers in America. They utilise a form of granulated Australian carbon that increases airflow rates while killing smells stone dead. Switch to a Phresh Filter and you'll get the same odour destroying capabilities as other leading brands, while also increasing the efficiency of your extraction system. Users report that this effect can, in many circumstances, lower temps in your room by as much as a couple of degrees Celsius - a big deal, especially during the summertime. A highly recommended product!

  • Triple activated Australian PRO 4/8 granulated carbon
  • The highest absorption of any carbon on the market
  • 51% open air mesh for massively improved airflow
  • Capable of reducing temps by a couple of degrees in many circumstances
  • Guaranteed to remove odours - third party lab tested
  • Includes two machine-washable pre-filters with velcro fasteners
  • Lightweight - easier to hang than other filters
  • Manufactured to an incredibly high standard
  • Third party tested for effectiveness
  • Two year lifespan

How Phresh Filters Work

Phresh Filters are designed to maximise the airflow of your extraction system while maintaining odour killing capabilities that are on a par with anything else on the market. This increased airflow lowers the resistance on your duct fan, allowing it to work more efficiently, which has a knock-on effect for your grow room environment. Users report that, in some instances, upgrading to a Phresh Filter has reduced temps by as much as couple of degrees celsius! A big deal, especially during the summertime. Phresh Filters use a form of triple activated Australian carbon known as PRO 4/8, which has the highest absorption rate on the market. 1 gram of PRO 4/8 carbon has a surface area of 1030 metres!

Phresh Filters are manufactured with an unsurpassed attention to detail, using a vibration table that's tuned to a particular frequency to pack the carbon without leaving any gaps. The carbon itself is triple sieved to remove dust, which improves the consistency. This delivers evenly distributed airflow levels across every square milliliter of the filter's surface.

For your reassurance, every unit is supplied with a label that tells you the date that they were assembled, allowing the team at Phresh Filters to know exactly who made it.

Phresh filters come with pre-filters that can be removed easily when the unit is hung in the grow area, thanks to the inclusion of velcro fasteners. It's important to keep your pre-filters clean - once they've started to gather dust, they'll have an effect on the efficiency of your extraction system. Luckily, the team at Phresh Filters have thought about this from a practical standpoint and have included two pre-filters, so that one can be washed while the other is in use.

Phresh Filters have a lifespan of 2 years, though it should noted that the condtions it's exposed to will impact this number. Relative humidity levels above 75% will reduce the lifespan, as will temperatures over 35ºC (95ºF).

Using the Phresh Filter

Regular filters like this one tend to be used as part of an extraction system that cleans smells before they leave the grow area. For this reason, it will need to be positioned inside the grow space or grow tent. Use a duct fan to draw air from the grow space, through the filter and on out of the room using a length of ducting. Keep the ducting as staight as possible. We recommend joining your Phresh Filter directly to your fan using a fast clamp.

Dimensions: 12" (315mm) x 24" (600mm) - 2500m3/hr