Plant!t Perlite 100 Litre

Plant!t Perlite 100 Litre

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Plant!t Perlite 100 Litre

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Maximise Aeration in the Growing Medium - the Natural Way!

Perlite is widely used in soil-mixes to improve drainage, water-retention and to help stop clumping. Create your own soil-mix or improve the one you use already by simply mixing some perlite in. Great gardening product.

  • Very widely used to improve soil structure
  • Holds lots of water on its surface
  • Greatly improves drainage
  • Helps stop soil-mixes from clumping
  • Allows very fast growth and a healthy root system


1 x 100 Litre bag of Perlite

How Perlite Works:

Perlite is an inert medium made from expanded volcanic glass. Perlite granules have a rough porous texture with a huge surface area. Because of this property, perlite can hold a lot of water on its surface. As perlite is granular, it helps to prevent a soil-mix from clumping together and allows water to drain more freely through it.

How to Use Perlite:

Perlite can be added to any soil-mix to improve its water retention properties and to help prevent clumping. Perlite is usually added at a rate of 5% to 30% depending on how much improved drainage is required. To add perlite simply mix it into your soil, stir thoroughly and then use your soil-mix as usual – easy!

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