ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit for 4L Gel Tubs & 4L Liquid Refill Jars

ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit for 4L Gel Tubs & 4L Liquid Refill Jars

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ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit for 4L Gel Tubs & 4L Liquid Refill Jars

ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit for 4 Litre Gel Tubs & Liquid Refill Bottles

Especially made to fit onto the top of ONA's own 4 litre tubs of gel and liquid refill bottles, the Breeze fan unit gently distributes the great ONA odour control over a medium size room up to 140 square metres.

  • ONA – Superb, long-lasting & totally reliable odour control
  • Breeze fan unit fits onto ONA 4 litre gel tubs and ONA 4 litre liquid refill bottles
  • Distributes the ONA odour control around a medium sized area up to 140 square metres (1500 square feet)
  • Two fan speed settings
  • Virtually silent in low mode
  • High mode gives a burst of odour control quickly when you want it
  • Very low power consumption – 2.3 Watts or less

The ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit contains:

1 x ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit

How the ONA-Air Breeze Fan works:

ONA produce some of the best odour control products in the world. ONA-Air Gels and liquids get rid of any smell without leaving an overpowering fragrance. The ONA Breeze Fan Unit fits straight onto the top of an ONA 4 litre gel tub or 4 litre liquid refill bottle and gently distributes the ONA odour killing vapours around a medium to large size area up to 140 square metres (1500 square feet). The unit has a fan speed selector switch with 2 fan speeds and an OFF position. In the low setting, the fan is virtually inaudible but gently wafts the ONA odour control into the room space in which it is positioned. The high setting can be used for odour control when the room size is near the maximum size (140 square metres) or for a short time when an extra burst of odour control is required.

Using the ONA-Air Breeze Fan Unit:

For the best and most effective results, try to locate the ONA Gel tub or Liquid Refill bottle as close as possible to the centre of the area in which it is to be used, but close to a spare mains outlet socket. Remove the lid from your 4 litre ONA gel tub or 4 litre ONA liquid refill bottle. Place the ONA-Air Breeze Fan unit onto the top so that the locator tabs on the underside of the unit all fit within the inside of the rim of the container. Insert the dc plug into the socket on the Breeze Fan unit. Plug the power supply into a mains outlet socket and switch on. The switch on the front of the Breeze Fan unit can then be set to low or high depending on the size of the area it is being used in and the level of odour control required. Be careful never to cover the top of the Breeze Fan unit with anything as this will obstruct the air flow. ONA 4 litre gel tubs or liquid refill bottles typically last for 3 to 6 weeks depending on ambient air temperature and humidity and the fan speed setting. It is wise to check the level left in the tub or bottle regularly and replace it when it has got to within an inch of the bottom of the container.