Omega 1000w DE Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Omega 1000w DE Metal Halide Grow Lamp

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Omega 1000w DE Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Get Full-Spectrum Light From Your 1000w Fixture

This lamp combines 1000w technology with full-spectrum lighting, producing intense light that's much closer to natural sunlight than HPS lighting. It's compatible with an array of lighting fixtures, including the Omega V-Pro and X-Pro, the Dimlux Expert Series, the DLI Joule and the Gavita Pro. It also comes in at an exceptional price, representing amazing value for money.

  • Delivers 1000w technology for an affordable price
  • Compatible with all 1000w doubled-ended lighting fixtures
  • Produces intense light that covers most of the spectrum
  • Maintains its performance for twelve months - no need to replace after each grow
  • Can be dimmed to lower output levels if necessary
  • Pairs up nicely with Omega V-Pro and X-Pro fixtures


1 x Omega 1000w DE Metal Halide Grow Lamp

How this Grow Lamp Works

This lamp is designed to work perfectly with any 1000w double ended lighting fixture. It produces intense light that covers most of the spectrum, making it ideal for use as supplementary lighting. HPS lamps are known to produce enormous yields, but at the same time, they are somewhat lacking in other areas of the spectrum. Run this lamp next to an HPS and you'll get the best of both worlds. It will reduce stretching, keeping your plants more compact and making more effective use of the space in your indoor garden, while increasing essential oil production for enhanced flavours and aromas. It also makes a great finishing lamp. Just swap out your HPS lamp out for one of these during the last two weeks of flower for enhanced ripening.

Omega 1000w Metal Halide

How to Use this Grow Lamp

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a double-ended lamp.

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