OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener

OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener

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OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener

Produce massive fruits & push your yields to the max with OG

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OG has been specifically designed to radically activate flower production and deliver an overwhelming increase in flower mass like no other product on the market.

  • Stimulates rapid onset flowering
  • Delivers exploding mass with rapid daily increase
  • Can be used with any grow system or grow media: soil, coco or hydro


1 x 1 Litre of OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener

How OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener Works:

OG works by forcing the plant into rapid flower onset when used in the first two weeks of the flowering cycle and can also be used on weeks six and seven to further increase weight and hardness.

How to use OG - Rapid Flower & Hardener:

Turn your plants to flower for five to seven days. Once your plants have reached your desired height then apply OG Rapid Hardener for seven days. Use at a rate of 1-2ml per litre. If you wish to harden your flowers even further, repeat the above application rate for week six & seven


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