Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover
  • 87812 nutriculture gt100 nft kit with silver correx cover1
  • 25ft spreader mat

Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover

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Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover
  • 87812 nutriculture gt100 nft kit with silver correx cover1
  • 25ft spreader mat

Includes FREE 25 foot (7.6 metre) spreader matting

Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover

The Nutriculture GT100 Complete NFT Kit is everything you need to start growing using the Nutrient Film Technique. NFT hydroponics systems are low in height for those with vertical space issues - but that's not all. This system also offers superb nutrient oxygenation which promotes a huge root system in the form of a flat mat. This large root system delivers fantastic growth speed and eventual yields. Because there's no medium other than a thin mat, there is minimal harvest waste to dispose of at the end. These are just some of the great benefits of growing the NFT way.

  • Compact and incredibly space-efficient design
  • Nutrient Film Technique - an incredibly fast and height-efficient growing method
  • GT100 NFT system - Works great in a 1.2m x 1.2m grow-tent
  • Suggested number of plants per GT100 NFT system - 4
  • Constant flow of nutrient across the mat produces very high oxygenation
  • High root-zone oxygenation produces an amazing mat of roots
  • Large root-system delivers the food required to produce a huge harvest
  • Easy access to pump and nutrient solution
  • No soil or substrate meaning less waste to dispose of after the grow
  • High reservoir-capacity to plant-size ratio for low maintenance


1 x Reservoir Tank
1 x Top Tray
1 x Pumping Kit
1 x Roll of Spreader-mat
1 x Correx Cover
1 x Instruction leaflet

GT100 NFT dimensions: 122cm (48") long x 108cm (42.5") wide x 22cm (9") high

GT100 NFT reservoir size: 100 Litres

GT100 NFT suggested plant capacity: 4 plants

Required but not included:
3-Inch Rockwool Cubes or a 4-Inch Rockwool Cubes

Highly recommended:
4-Inch Cube Caps 

We would definitely recommend purchasing Silver Bullet Roots in addition to your system to keep your tanks completely sterile and all disease at bay.

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How the Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover Works:

The Nutriculture GT100 NFT kit grows plants by pumping nutrient solution from the reservoir at the bottom by means of a pump and feed-pipe to the top-tray. The nutrient solution then constantly flows down a slightly inclined surface which has a network of grooves on the bottom which distributes the flow evenly along it's width. An NFT spreader-mat is laid out on the top-tray onto which a rooted cutting is placed in a rockwool cube (not included).

With the GT100 NFT kit, the constantly flowing nutrient solution gives a high level of oxygenation which causes an impressively thick root-system to grow out along the width and length of the spreader-mat. A correx cover prevents light from hitting the root-system and the nutrient-solution beneath, preventing light-pruning of the roots and algal growth in the solution. The correx cover also helps to prevent lamp-warming of the nutrient solution and plant-roots. There is a reservoir access space between the front of the reservoir and the front of the top-tray for easy maintenance and nutrient solution changes.

How to use the Nutriculture GT100 NFT Kit with Silver Correx Cover

The top-tray of a GT100 NFT system is designed with a slight decline so that the nutrient-solution flows down it at a certain rate. NFT systems need to be placed on a surface that is as close to perfectly level as possible to allow this. The reservoir is laid centrally in the garden and the top-tray is placed on top of the reservoir with the feed-hole facing towards the front to allow easy access to the pump and the reservoir. The feed-pipe elbow is pushed into the pump outlet and then the pump is placed in the reservoir with the feed-pipe entering the hole at the front of the top-tray.

Fill the GT205 NFT system reservoir with 100 litres of water and make up your nutrient solution according to your feeding schedule. Roll out the spreader mat and lay it out on the bottom of the top-tray so that the entire flat surface is covered. If the tray is too wide for one run of spreader mat then 2 or more runs may be required to completely cover the bottom of the top-tray. If this is the case then it is fine if the runs of spreader matting overlap.

Place the correx cover over the top of the GT100 NFT top-tray and mark out where the plants will be placed. Typically rockwool cubes are used with this system so square holes will need to cut into the correx cover for them. Remove the correx cover and cut out the holes with a sharp knife or scissors. When the holes have been cut, replace the correx cover onto the top of the top-tray and lower your cuttings in the rockwool cubes through the holes in the correx cover so that they sit on the spreader mat beneath. The protruding tops of the rockwool cubes can be covered with plastic cube-cabs (available separately for 3 inch or 4 inch cubes) to help prevent algal growth.

Once everything has been set up as outlined above, the pump can be switched on. As with any NFT system, the pump MUST be left running constantly, day and night.

Preventing Water Damage: Even with a carefully set up hydroponic system, occasionally a seal can fail, a pipe come come adrift, or a reservoir can even split, causing a considerable amount of water to be released onto the floor. Plan ahead and plan for the worst. For example, sit your system in a high-sided garden/gravel tray, or use our floor-secure sheeting on your grow-room floor. It can be fitted so that it rides up each wall by a few inches, creating a “floor-basin" which could help prevent a huge amount of water damage if the worst should ever happen. In this regard it is much better to be safe than sorry!


Run-Off & Work Trays

Floor Secure Sheeting


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