Mini Fortefog 'p' Fumer - 3.5g

Mini Fortefog 'p' Fumer - 3.5g

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Mini Fortefog 'p' Fumer - 3.5g

Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer – 3.5g

Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer is a one-shot fumigation canister for sterilising unoccupied grow-rooms. Ideal for use in-between crops to ensure your grow-room is free of insects and mites from the start.

  • Excellent preventative measure against all common types of insects
  • Start your grows in a sterile environment
  • Strong and highly effective
  • Treats areas between 7.5 to 120 cubic meters depending on the pest
  • Even kills spider mites


1 x Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer - 3.5g

How the Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer Works:

The Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer is a convenient and simple one-shot fumigation device for clearing a room of common insects. The Fortefog Fumer is a canister which, when activated, releases a mixture of Permethrin and Potassium Chlorate fumes which kills common insects in an enclosed space over the course of a 16 hour period. The ideal time to use fumigate your grow-room is in-between crop cycles when the room is empty. This will ensure that when you begin the next cycle, the room is free of pests. To ensure your grow-room remains free of pests during the cycle we recommend the use of products such as the Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur vaporiser and CannaCure or BioBizz Leaf Coat foliar sprays.

How to use the Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer:

The Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer - 3.5g can treat a room volume of between 7.5 to 120 cubic meters depending on the type of pest you wish to erradicate. The Mini Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer releases fumes containing Permethrin and Potassium Chlorate – substances which are toxic to common insects and other animals. Because the fumes are toxic, the area to be fumigated should be evacuated of all, persons, animals, aquarium equipment and fish, foodstuffs and water prior to use. Close all windows, turn off all intake and extraction fans and make the room as fume-tight as possible. Place the Fumer in the centre of the room, as low as possible, on a heat resistant surface. Remove the lid, light the fuse and immediately exit the room closing the door behind you. For best results, fumigate in the late afternoon and leave the room sealed for the night. It is a wise precaution to ventilate the room for a short time before re-using it.

Never allow pets, fish, yourself or other people (especially children) to be in a room when using a fumer. Fumers get hot and should only be used when placed on a heat-proof surface. Before use, shut windows and turn off all ventilation fans. Shake the container well before opening to fluff out the powder to ensure the fumer ignites properly. For best effect, try to place the fumer centrally in the room and make sure that nothing is placed close directly above it. Sparks can jump several inches so make sure the area is clear in the 12 inches above the fumer.

Treats 120 cubic meters for flying insects (fungus gnat, scarid fly etc.)

Treats 7.5 cubic meters for spider mites