Medusa Dripper System (Cloth Pots & Large Trays)
  • 4 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 8 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 12 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 16 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29

Medusa Dripper System (Cloth Pots & Large Trays)


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4 Pot (Large Trays & Cloth Pots)

£399.95 £399.95
Medusa Dripper System (Cloth Pots & Large Trays)
  • 4 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 8 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 12 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29
  • 16 tray medusa dripper %28cloth pots%29

Medusa Dripper Kits - The Ultimate No-Hassle Hydroponic Set Up

The Medusa Dripper Kits are the next step up from the much loved Medusa Run-to-Waste kits. Building on the Baseline tray's incredible drainage ability, you get an easy to set up, low maintainance dripper system made with a Medusa brain custom built for the Baseline Trays and high quality IWS parts in your choice from 4-72 tray systems.

This kit will make giving your plants optimum nutrient levels incredibly easy, and getting huges yields a piece of cake! The incredibly versatile Baseline Tray Dripper Kits can either be used as a recirculating dripper or run-to-waste, dependant on if you run your pipe back into your flexi tank or away to a drainage source.

  • An incredibly low mantinence full dripper system built on the much loved Medusa Baseline Trays
  • Professional standard Imperium Minute / Seconds dripper timer included for precise timing schedules
  • High-quality branded parts
  • Comes with Icetube pipe, which is white-lined to keep your nutrient cooler
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Your choice of 4-72 trays to suit your grow space
  • Easy to upgrade and add extra trays

Growing on uneven ground? Check out the Medusa Base Booster Baseline Tray

To find out more about the Medusa Baseline Tray, click here to visit the One Stop Grow Shop Blog: Introducing the Baseline Tray.


A Medusa Baseline Tray system including run-off fixtures, pipe and Medusa brain pot (your choice of 4-72 trays, 2 drippers per tray)

Medusa Baseline Trays (Standard)
Icetube Flexi Pipe
Medusa Custom Run-to-Waste Brain 
Irrigation Fittings
Flexi Tank - Please Note - this system currently comes with AutoPot Flexi Tanks, performance and quality will not be affected
Imperium Dripper System Minute/Seconds Timer
Water pump
Anti-Siphon valve
Antelco dripper stakes

Dimensions for Each Tray

Large Internal (Max Pot Size)
43cm x 38.5cm

Large External (Dimensions for Floor Space)
51cm x 46cm x 9.5cm

How the Baseline Tray Dripper Kit Works

The Medusa Baseline Tray Dripper Kit is perfect for coco growers but works equaly as well using a 60/40 mix of clay pebbles and coco, or even clay pebbles by themselves. You also have the ability to grow using soil but we would recommend reducing your feeding times as soil holds water much longer than other mediums, likewise with clay pebbles you will need to increase your feeds to compensate for how quickly it drains.

The Baseline Tray Dripper Kit takes nutrient from your flexi tank at specified times you have input to your provided timer and distributes it to your plants via the 2 dripper lines placed in every pot. The nutrient works its way into your medium, being absorbed by your plant and any run-off then collects in the bottom of the Medusa Baseline Trays (these are designed to have loads of clearance so your plants wont be sat in run-off)

As the nutrient run-off in your trays rises, it is piped into your brain pot, when it gets to a certain level, a float switch in your brain pot is triggered, in turn activating the pump housed within the brain pot. This sucks all the water out of your system and depending on where you have placed your waste pipe, this waste will either run into your flexi tank or to a drainage source.

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