Medium Latex Gloves - Box of 100

Medium Latex Gloves - Box of 100

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Medium Latex Gloves - Box of 100

Medium Latex Gloves – Box of 100

Latex gloves are useful for keeping your hands clean and free of chemicals when handling nutrients or pesticides. Our Large Latex Gloves are for persons with larger hands and are powder coated so that they are easy to put on. Ideal for harvest-time!

  • Latex gloves – very useful for when handling nutrients & pesticides etc.
  • Invaluable at harvest-time when handling your crops
  • Medium size – ideal for persons with average size hands
  • Powder coated – makes it easier to put them on and take them off
  • Box of 100


Box of 100 Medium Powder-coated Latex Gloves

How Medium Latex Gloves Work:

Our medium latex gloves really come in useful when handling nutrients, pesticides, pH adjustment products etc. Latex is impermeable so it protects skin from most harmful or sticky substances. Latex is very thin, flexible and “stretchy” so it doesn’t restrict movement in the hand and still allows the sensation of touch. Latex is made from natural tree-sap and is completely biodegradable. Our latex gloves are powder coated to make it much easier to put them on. Invaluable product for both hobbyist and professional gardeners.

How to use Medium Latex Gloves

Our Medium Latex Gloves will fit most persons with medium/average size hands. The gloves are ambidextrous and each one can be used on either hand. The powder-coating makes it much easier to put these gloves on compared to non-powder-coated types which will tend to “stick” next to skin as you are trying to put them on. Reasonable care should be taken while wearing them as rough treatment and sharp materials can puncture and tear the gloves. Certain chemicals such as certain solvents may perish the latex also. Some people may an allergic reaction to latex. If any signs of irritation or a reaction occurs, discontinue use of the latex gloves. Latex gloves are generally considered to be single-use. Once they have been taken off they are usually replaced with a fresh pair for next use. Latex gloves are made from natural tree-sap and are recyclable and biodegradable making them very eco-friendly.