Master Trimmer MT Gentle 75

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Master Trimmer MT Gentle 75

Don't compromise on care! The MT Gentle 75 is a leading trimmer, but uses soft food-grade silicone to move plants around the trimming container.

Gentle by name, gentle by nature

Like the larger Professional 75, the Gentle 75 has an adjustable speed controller - but this is used to control silicone fingers which carefully move the plants as they are trimmed. This makes sure the plants are handled and cut to perfection while keeping your hands away from the machine.

The Gentle 75 is highly versatile and can be altered to suit individual trims. The height of the blades can be adjusted for precision and safety. The appliance has removable, anti-vibration feet: perfect for snapping into place to increase height, reduce vibration noise, and keep work surfaces stable.

On top of this, it can easily turn into the Standard 50 and Standard 75 models; perfect for when you want a more transportable device. Just add the safety grid (included) - no tools required.

Waste not, want not

The appliance contains a durable bag to collect offcuts, which can be easily emptied and put to use. Waste nothing by turning your excess trimmings into oils, butters, or lotions.

Peace of mind

All MT appliances have measures in place to keep you as safe as possible while trimming. The sharp blades of the Master Trimmer are what give it such fast, exceptional results, and it's crucial that safety is of an equally high standard. The gearhead of the Gentle model moves at a constant speed, meaning that there are no surprises and no damage is done to you or your plants.

The fingers are made of food-grade silicone, and the stainless steel of the appliance does not have any paint, meaning that your plants are trimmed in an uncontaminated space.

When converted into the Standard range, the blades will not spin while the grid has been removed, to prevent accidents and ensure easy and safe cleaning.

Why should I choose MT Gentle 75?

The Professional range is designed to offer greater production per hour than the lighter Standard, but with focus on taking care of your plants. Its silicone fingers move and rotate plants automatically to provide a smoother and more hands-free process from start to finish. Save money and work faster: trimming with the Gentle 75 produces the work of up to 15 people in the same amount of time.

When needed, the upper container can be replaced with the safety grid to turn it into the Standard model. This reveals a 70cm work surface where one or two people can trim. This makes the Gentle the best choice for an individual or small team who wants the power and output of the Professional range, but with a more delicate touch.


  • Electric plant trimmer with 4 blades
  • Automatic food-grade silicone fingers to handle plants
  • Up to 25kg trimmings per hour
  • Replaces up to 14-15 people
  • Adjustable blade height

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