LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp
  • Lumii 130
  • Lumii 200w light
  • Lumii 300w light

LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp


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LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp
  • Lumii 130
  • Lumii 200w light
  • Lumii 300w light

The Ideal Propagation Lamp

The LUMii EnviroGro CFL Lamp White (Supercool) has been specially developed as a dedicated root development and propagation lamp. Producing minimal heat, it gives of flicker free and evenly distributed light to give the best start to your cuttings. It is available in 3 sizes, from 130w-300w to suit your needs and has a built in ballast making it incredibly easy to use.

  • Fits any E40 lamp holder/screw fitting
  • CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lamp
  • Low power consumption
  • Supercool spectrum – ideal for propagation or veg stage
  • Colour temperature – 14000K
  • Built-in Ballast


1 x LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp in your choice of wattage

How the EnviroGro CFL Lamp Works:

The output colour spectrum of this lamp:

The black line in the graph above represents the "McCree Curve", which gives a relative indication of how efficiently a plant uses the different colours in the light spectrum to photosynthesise with.

For more information about the above graph check out our blog


The LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp consists of a Compact Fluorescent Lamp, rather like the ones used in household lighting. However, this version is much larger for a better spread of light and emits more Blue light making it ideal for growing in the veg stage or for propagation. The E40 fitting is much larger than those found in domestic lighting but will fit most horticultural reflectors or our CFL lamp hanger. No ballast is required as one is already fitted into the base of the lamp.

Using the EnviroGro Lamp:

Hang your reflector or CFL lamp hanger over your garden space at an appropriate height. By holding and using the base only, screw the CFL lamp into the E40 fitting until it is tight. Do not turn the lamp by holding the lamp glass as this will usually break or shatter it. Connect the reflector lead directly into a mains outlet socket and switch on. Do not use an HID ballast as these are only designed for use with High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps. Using a HID ballast will almost certainly cause damage to the lamp and could also cause and explosion or a fire. Instead, always plug a CFL directly to the mains.

LUMii EnviroGro Super Cool CFL Lamp colour temperature: 14000K