LUMii Digita 400w/600w/1000w Switchable Digital Ballast

LUMii Digita 400w/600w/1000w Switchable Digital Ballast

SKU: 92732
LUMii Digita 400w/600w/1000w Switchable Digital Ballast

LUMii DIGITA 400w/600w/1000w Switchable Digital Ballast

LUMii have come up trumps yet again, delivering a ballast that offers tremendous value-for-money without compromising on quality. The LUMii DIGITA can be switched between four different output levels, giving you the flexibility to use either a 400w, 600w or 1000w HID lamp with the same ballast. There is also a "boost" setting for 1000w lamps. This ballast boasts comprehensive safety features, thanks to its on-board digital controller. Very highly recommended!

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  • Excellent value for money
  • Drives 3 different HID lamps – 400w, 600w and 1000w
  • Includes a 1000w "boost" setting
  • Compatible with metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS)
  • Increases the efficiency of your HID lamp
  • Delivers impressive results
  • Fast lamp ignition
  • Super-quiet running
  • Runs at a low temperature
  • Excellent build-quality


1 x digital ballast, 1 x kettle lead (2.0m), 4 x rubber feet

LUMii DIGITA 400w/600w/1000w Switchable Digital Ballast:

The LUMii DIGITA converts mains electricity to the correct voltage and current to start-up and power a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp by using a microprocessor to constantly monitor and control a digital power-output system. Digital ballasts are more efficient than traditional core & coil "magnetic" ballasts. This means that they produce a greater lumen output and less heat for a given amount of electricity. Digital ballasts do not degrade over time like core and coil type ballasts which also become noisy, use more electricity and produce less lumens as they get older. The LUMii DIGITA even comes with safety features that enable it to react automatically as soon as it detects an abnormality, making it one of the safest ballasts on the market.

This ballast runs an array of different HID lamps, enabling you to choose the optimal lamp for a given situation without having to swap to a new ballast. There are four settings to choose from: 400w, 600w, 1000w and 1000w-boost. Unlike the other models in the Digita range (the 250w/400w and the 400w/600w), this ballast should not be used to dim lamps below their intended output. If you want to run the ballast at 400w or 600w, you should only use lamps that have a rated wattage that matches that of the output setting. For ballasts and lamps that are designed to be dimmable (without negatively effecting their light spectrum), please see the Adjusta-Watt and Sol-Digital range.

The LUMii Digita will also drive 400w and 600w and 1000w metal halide lamps. Again, always run your metal halide at its intended output without turning it down or utilizing the boost setting.

  • run a 400w HPS at 400w
  • run a 600w HPS at 600w
  • run a 1000w HPS at 1000w or 1000w-boost
  • run a 400w metal halide at 400w
  • run a 600w metal halide at 600w
  • run a 1000w metal halide at 1000w

The ballast itself has a female IEC socket on one side and a male IEC connection on the other. The female IEC socket is used to connect to the 2.0m power lead supplied with the unit, which in turn plugs into a power outlet. The male IEC connection is used to connect to your reflector cable and drive the lamp.

How to use the LUMii Digita Ballast:

The LUMii DIGITA should be located on a flat, firm, surface (not carpet) in a well-ventilated place. It should never be covered and there should be no combustible items in the vicinity. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead of the ballast ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not come into contact with anything hot (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). Ensure your lamp is tightly screwed into the bulb-holder and that your reflector is at the correct height. Connect the mains plug into an electrical outlet socket and switch on. The ballast will start-up and light the lamp. Please note that in the event of an interruption to the mains supply, the lamp should not be restarted until it has cooled back down.

This Lumii Digita features a variable-output switch which has 4 position settings: 400w, 600w, 1000w and 1000w-boost.

With this particular ballast, always use a suitably rated lamp for each output setting. Use a 400w lamp for the 400w setting, use a 600w lamp for the 600w setting and use a 1000w lamp with the 1000w or 1000w boost setting. Metal halides can also be used, but only at their rated output – do not turn them down or use the boost facility (except "boost" for 1000w bulbs).

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