LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses

LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses

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LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses

LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Glasses

If you grow plants under the intense yellow-orange of an HPS light, you really do need a pair of these superb LUMii growroom lenses! The lenses allow you to see and work as if you were under natural daylight and significantly reduce glare. LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom lenses are one of those products that no grower should be without.

  • Gives the effect of seeing and working under natural light!
  • Let’s you see the real colour of your plant’s leaves
  • Significantly reduces glare, eyestrain and the need to squint
  • Allows you to judge plant-health much more effectively
  • Aid in the identification of pests and diseases
  • An absolutely essential piece of equipment for every indoor grower

LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses contains:

1 pair of “glasses” - LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses

How LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses work:

At last, a solution to the eye and vision problems caused by working under intense HPS light! Growroom HPS lights (and red cfl types) give a false impression of the colour of your plants. To make matters worse, the reflected light off tent walls and even off plant leaves can still be intense enough to cause eyestrain. LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses are anti-glare to make working in your grow-space. The lenses filter out a portion of the yellow-orange light to restore a more natural balance, giving the sense that you are working under natural light. The colour of your plant leaves will appear much more realistic, giving you the ability to judge the health of your plants more effectively. Identification of pests and diseases becomes much easier and working in your growroom for long periods will be much less tiring. We think this is an absolutely essential product that no indoor grower should be without!

Using LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses:

Use your LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses whenever you tend to your plants which are being lit by HPS or red cfl lamps. Your eyes will be protected and you will have a vastly improved sense of the real colour. Take care to look after your glasses by keeping them in their supplied box when not in use. Never leave your glasses face-down on a surface as this may cause scratches on the lenses which will reduce their clarity. Use a soft cloth (preferably a proper lens-cloth from an opticians or camera shop) to clean the lenses without scratching.

Although LUMii Daylight Vision Growroom Lenses protect the eyes from intense reflected HPS light, they do NOT make it safe to look, or stare, at a lit HPS lamp (or any other intense light source, such as the sun) as this will still cause eye damage.