LUMii Aerotube 600w Grow Light Kit (6")
  • 600w kits complete kits eulo n9
  • Aerotube  black pro and lumii black lamp
  • Aerotube  lumii black ballast and lumii black lamp
  • Aerotube  lumii black ballast and lumii black lamp
  • Adjustawatt
  • 86160   87031  6 inch and 8 inch lumii aerotube with maxi gold ballast and sunmaster lamp
  • 6 inch aerotube reflector with solistek ballast lamp

LUMii Aerotube 600w Grow Light Kit (6")


Choose your ballast:

LUMii Black Magnetic Ballast

£89.95 £89.95
LUMii Aerotube 600w Grow Light Kit (6")
  • 600w kits complete kits eulo n9
  • Aerotube  black pro and lumii black lamp
  • Aerotube  lumii black ballast and lumii black lamp
  • Aerotube  lumii black ballast and lumii black lamp
  • Adjustawatt
  • 86160   87031  6 inch and 8 inch lumii aerotube with maxi gold ballast and sunmaster lamp
  • 6 inch aerotube reflector with solistek ballast lamp

Fantastic Value-for-Money 6" Air-Cooled 600W Grow Light Kits

The LUMii Aerotube Reflector is great for maintaining optimal temperatures in your grow room. It connects to your 6" extraction system to allow you to get your lighting closer to plants without causing burning or leaf damage. This kit comes with a choice of solid performing ballasts, from the tried and tested magnetic LUMii Black Ballast to the Ultimate Maxibright DigiLight Pro Gold, every price point is covered. All our digital ballasts can dim your lamp through a variety of wattages, allowing you to cope with changes in temperature and cater for your plant through all its stages of development. With your choice of ballast, you get either a LUMii 600w HPS Lamp, Sol Digital Dual Spectrum 600w HPS Lamp, Sunmaster 600w Super Lumen HPS Lamp or the SolisTek 2K 600w HPS lamp, all perfectly geared to your ballast of choice.

  • Simple and effective
  • Thick glass exterior
  • Lightweight material, and no-fuss set-up
  • Connects to your 6" extraction system
  • Helps to maintain control of temperatures in your grow room
  • Removable parts for easy access to lamp
  • Choose between a range of digital ballasts, which allow you to dim your 600-watt lamp to various wattages or boosted with the over-drive settings
  • Choose between a range of 600w HPS Lamps, especially geared to your choice of ballast
  • All HPS grow lamps are optimized for digital ballasts.
  • A perfect grow light for beginners and seasoned growers


1 x 6” LUMii Aerotube Reflector with 4m IEC lead
1 x Ballast of your choice
1 x 600w HPS Lamp, to complement your choice of ballast

LUMii 6 inch Aerotube Reflector Dimensions:
Length - 50cm

Please be aware, in some cases components you receive may have different packaging to those displayed but are of the same high quality or better.

Check out the SolisTek 600w 10K Finisher Lamp, for adding extra quality to your impressive harvest.

How the LUMii Aerotube Grow Light Kit Works:

The LUMii Aerotube Reflectors have long been a favourite of growers, and for good reason: they reduce the risk of heat damage caused by high intensity discharge lighting without costing a fortune. The LUMii Aerotube Reflector benefits your grow by keeping your grow room temperature within reasonable range, helping to combat high temperatures that might destroy all your hard work. They remove 90% of the heat from your lamp and increase maximum rated lumen delivery, whilst remaining air-tight, with a fully sealed glass tube for your lamp to be mounted in. The external 2-part reflector is clipped on to the top of the cool tube and is easily assembled. The LUMii Aerotube Reflector 600w Grow Light Kit comes with a range of ballast options, from the tried and tested magnetic ballast to the highly efficient digital ballasts, you can be sure to find the right ballast for the right price. We also supply a range of lamps which have been selected especially for the ballast of your choice to create the best illumination and coverage of your growing area.

Choice of Ballast:

LUMii Black 600w Magnetic Ballast
Ideal for someone who’s just starting to grow indoors on a budget or someone who doesn't require dimmable functions at a low price. Contains tried and tested magnetic coil technology with high quality internals, short circuit protection and a strong heat vented case. Does not have dimmable function.

LUMii Black 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast
With its high quality, reliable components the LUMii is a solid choice. Featuring low RF output and start up surge protection it's gentle on your lamp, safeguarding its lifespan. It offers the ability to dim between 250, 400, 600 watts and has a overdrive setting to boost yields to the max.

Adjusta-Watt 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast
The Adjusta-Watt offers soft start and full protection circuitry to protect your lamp and ballast from power drops and spikes. Featuring superior RF shielding and is virtually silent, no wonder it’s one of our favourite ballasts. It offers the ability to dim your lamp between 250, 400 600 watts and has an overdrive setting for maximum yields.

SolisTek Matrix 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast
The only ballast that can be controlled via the SolisTek Ballast Remote Control from up to 70 feet away! Features a green, back lit LCD display which allows you to refine every element of your lighting schedule and output levels, no timer required. The SolisTek Matrix 600w Digital Ballast can be dimmed to 400 watts and boosted to 660 watts whilst driving either single ended or double ended lamps at 230 volts, along with SenseSmart protection technology that checks 8 safety protocols before igniting your ballast it's one of the most versatile and advanced ballasts currently on the market.

Maxibright 600w DigiLight Pro Max Gold
One ballast, two voltage options and four power modes at an incredible price. This unique ballast identifies the correct voltage required to power your lamp, then automatically adapts to that voltage. This gives you the ability to upgrade from a 230v lighting setup to the more efficient, higher powered 400 volt-lamps with superior PAR output. Not only that, it has four wattage settings to choose from, meaning this ballast will fit into virtually grow room setup and features soft start technology, short circuit protection and surge control to protect both lamp and ballast against power drops and spikes.

Your choice of lamp is perfectly matched to your ballast, you will either receive an Ultra Vivid 600w HPS Lamp, Sol Digital 600w HPS Lamp, Sunmaster 600w Super Lumen HPS Lamp or the SolisTek 2K 600w HPS Lamp. The LUMii 600w HPS Grow Lamp offers great performance to get you up and going while the Sol digital 600w HPS Dual Spectrum Lamp has been optimized to maintain the perfect colour spectrum when used at different wattages with digital ballasts. The Sunmaster 600w Super Lumen HPS Lamp offers an impressive 95,000 lumen output, higher than any other 600w grow lamp we sell, while the SolisTek 2K 600w HPS Lamp maintains over 92% efficiency for up to 20,000 hours after initial use and produces some blue light in its colour spectrum, which keeps internodes tighter during flower preventing excessive stretching.

How to use the LUMii Aerotube Grow Light Kit:

The LUMii Aerotube Reflector comes with detailed instructions within the packaging that will show you how to effectively assemble the reflector. It should be used alongside an 6 inch inline fan and flexible 6 inch ducting, to allow air to flow through the tube. Hang the reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height, our Easy Rolls (Pair)Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain are ideal for this. Screw the lamp into the lamp-holder in your reflector tightly by gripping the lamp with a clean dry cloth, taking care to avoid cross-threading. The lamp MUST be screwed into the lamp holder as tightly as possible. If it is not screwed in tightly then electrical arcing can occur between the centre contact of the lamp and the lamp-holder. This melts the solder contact on the bottom of the lamp, causing irreparable damage, making it unstable and unusable. Make sure that the lamp is clean and completely free of fingerprints and other contaminants.

Place your ballast in a well-ventilated, convenient location on a flat, firm surface, close to a electrical outlet. Even digital ballasts can run warm/hot in use and should never be covered or placed on a carpeted area with no combustible items in the vicinity. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead or socket on the ballast, ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not contact anything that will become hot during use (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). In the event of a fault, e.g. a faulty lamp or high ballast temperature, the ballast will go into protection mode. Once the problem has been rectified, the ballast can be restarted by pressing the reset button or will reset automatically depending on the ballast in question.

We recommend that you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency and promote higher yields from your crops, which will be considerably reduced by using an old lamp. The variable output of certain digital ballasts is for HPS lamps only. Metal Halide lamps (MH) should only be run at their rated wattage and not dimmed or boosted beyond its allocated wattage settings.

Many plants need a certain light schedule to trigger particular stages in a plant's life-cycle. For example, many plants require about 18 hours of light per day for solid vegetative growth but later in their life will require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day to trigger the plant's flowering or fruiting stage. Its highly advisable to use a timer to switch on and off your grow light, keeping the lighting schedule accurate. Regular time switches will burn out if used to switch a HID light(s) on and off, however, if you have only one 600 watt grow-light then our  LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Time Switch is an economical way of making sure your single grow-light is switched on and off at the right time and won't burn out. If you have more than one grow-light then see our range of Relays, Contactors and Time Switches which come in a range of sizes, electrical outlet configurations and in-built timers which may be more suitable.