Citrus Mate Mist Sprays

Citrus Mate Mist Sprays


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Lemon Mate 104ml (3.5oz)

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Citrus Mate Mist Sprays

Citrus Mate Mist Sprays

Citrus Mate Mist sprays are hard-working deodorizing sprays made from extracts of real fruits that do not use any aerosol propellants. These excellent sprays eliminate unwanted odours naturally and leave a long-lasting scent.

  • Highly effective deodorizing spray
  • Choose between lemon, lime and grapefruit flavours
  • Contains extract of real fruits and no man-made chemicals
  • Ozone friendly – does not contain any propellants.
  • Highly concentrated and economical – only a small amount of spray is needed
  • Eliminates unwanted odours naturally


1 x bottle of Citrus Mate Mist Spray (choose the size and flavour)

How Citrus Mate Sprays Work:

These mist sprays contain a highly concentrated extract of fruits and no man-made chemicals. They contain no propellants, as the spray works simply by pressure on the nozzle-button. Citrus Mate Mist sprays replace unwanted odours with fresh and powerful fragrances that last for a surprisingly long time. Because these mist sprays are so concentrated, only a small amount is required for highly effective results. Great little product!

Using These Sprays

Citrus Mate Mist sprays can be used almost anywhere to get rid of unwanted smells and to replace them with a pleasant and fresh fragrance. Only a small quantity needs to be used to be highly effective. Simply spray a squirt or two into the centre of the room and the fragrance will spread quickly.

Always direct spray away from the face. Avoid direct skin contact as this may cause irritation. If contact occurs, wash with soap and water. Do not spray onto plastics, acrylics or painted surfaces due to the corrosive nature of citrus.

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