Lance-alot Watering Lance

Lance-alot Watering Lance

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Lance-alot Watering Lance

Water Those Hard to Reach Areas of Your Grow Room with the Lance-alot Watering Lance

It doesn't take long for healthy plants to fill up all areas of your grow room, making moving and watering a troublesome task. Instead of fighting your way through an overgrown jungle, use the Lance-alot Watering Lance to quickly and easily water your plant pots without issue.

  • Makes watering easy when you're dealing with high numbers of big plants
  • Extendable, can reach right to the back of a 2.4 metre tent!
  • Swivel spray heads allows you're to water pots at any angle
  • Multi-function spray head features 9 spray settings, to suit a range of watering needs
  • In-built flow valve on the handle allows for pressure control on delicate root zones
  • Compatible with many branded hose connections including Hoselock


Lance-alot Watering Lance

How the Lance-alot Watering Lance Works

The Lance-alot Watering Lance features a swivel spray head to easily water all types of pots and planters in hard to reach places, along with 9 different water patterns to choose from, these include: Shower, Mist, Flat, Angle, Fan, Soaker, Cone, Jet and Centre. The body of the lance is aluminium and rustproof, while featuring a swivel spray head that allows you to water at several angles. A shut off switch for controlling water through the lance is located at its base, along with foam grips for maximum comfort when watering.

How to use the Lance-alot Watering Lance

Attach the lance to your hose connection via the Hoselock connection at the base of the lance. Turn your water supply on and use the flow regulator (located by the foam handle) to control the pressure and set the spray head to your required angle. To adjust the water patterns, simply twist the collar on the spray head to your preferred setting and to extend the lance, loosen the adjustable nut towards the top of the lance and pull up the spray head. Re-tighten this adjuastable nut before using once more.