IWS Brain Pot Controller Units

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Maintain Optimal Nutrient Levels with an IWS Brain

Brain Pots are integral to IWS Systems. They play slightly different roles in each type of system, but in general terms, they're responsible for filling containers up to the correct level. They feature internal Maxijet pumps and float switches which automatically distribute nutrients to wherever they're needed, giving you peace of mind while freeing up time.

How the Brain Pot Works

Run to Waste (Standard)

The easy to use IWS Run to Waste Brain is a standlone run to waste unit capable of watering your plants via the IWS Dripper System Minutes/Seconds Timer . It can also be used without a timer but the timer option gives much more flexibility and control so is highly recommended as a add-on feature. The IWS Standard Run to Waste Brain comes 13mm sealing glands and straight pieces but can be fitted with the larger 25mm IWS Pro fittings.

Basic Flood & Drain (Standard)

The IWS Basic Flood and Drain Brain is our entry level IWS flood and drain system, unlike the pro model it features 13mm fittings and has no remote timer. The timer itself is a built in 15 minute segmental timer whish is easy to use and quick to setup. This entry level brain is great to get you up and running in flood and drain hydroponics.

Flood & Drain (Standard)

The IWS Standard Flood and Drain Brain is our mid level IWS Flood and Drain system, unlike the basic model it requires a IWS Flood and Drain Minute Timer as it has no timer of its own, the timer can be set at minute increments so can be setup with incredable accuracy unlike the basic model. It comes with sealing glands ONLY and NO other 13mm fittings which can be purchased separately. This mid level brain is a great upgrade from the basic model flood and drain brain and gives more functionality overall. Fitted with a Maxijet 1000 water pump as standard.

DWC (Standard)

The IWS Standard DWC Brain Pot is suitable for use with either the IWS V2 or V3 IWS DWC Pots and gives your plants a constant flow of high oxygen nutrient. The results are impressive, expect an abundance of growth, fast nutrient uptake, and huge, thick, healthy root masses. Fitted with one Maxijet 1000 pump.

Custom Brain (Standard)

This IWS brain can be refined for any form of DWC (deep water culture) R-DWC (recirculating deep water culture) and Flood and Drain. The top valve is loose and can be drilled to suit the system in question; it also features 13mm fittings, one Maxi jet 1000 water pump and built-in 15 minute segmental timer. Available instore only please call 01782 749955 or email customerorders@onestopgrowshop.co.uk for further details.

R-DWC (Standard)

The IWS R-DWC Standard Brain Pot works with R-DWC systems, giving your plants a constant flow high oxygen nutrient. The results are impressive, you can expect an abundance of growth, fast nutrient uptake, and huge, thick, healthy root masses.

The IWS Standard R-DWC can be utilized with either 13mm or 25mm fittings and pipework and features a simple float valve and press button water in and water out function. To recycle your water simply push the button on top of the control unit and it cycles your water from your nutreint tank, much like flushing your toilet. Fitted with one Maxijet 500 pump.

Flood and Drain (Pro)

The IWS Pro Flood and Drain Brain is the bigger brother of the regular IWS flood and drain system, the main advantage of the pro version over the regular is the fatser draining time. With faster draining and filling you gain better control of your feeding times and avoid leaving your roots submerged in nutrient solution for longer than necessary. Fitted with 2 Maxijet 1000 water pumps and 2 valves. Note: this unit needs the IWS Flood & Drain Minute Timer to control the brain.

R-DWC (Pro)

The IWS R-DWC Pro Brain Pot works with R-DWC systems, giving your plants a constant flow of perfectly mixed, high oxygen nutrient. The results have to be seen to be believed, you can expect an abundance of growth, faster nutrient uptake, and huge, thick, healthy root masses. All your nutrient gets added to the main tank making maintenance a doddle and constant circulation means well mixed nutrient and a stable pH level. Fitted with two Maxijet 1000 pumps

You may also need to add a (separately available) air pump kit.

We would definitely recommend purchasing Silver Bullet Roots in addition to your system to keep your tanks completely sterile and all disease at bay.

Please note: Our grow systems are designed to provide years of trouble free use, but for complete peace of mind, secure pipework that's joined onto barbed fittings using jubilee clips or cable ties, and place run-off trays / floor secure sheeting underneath the system. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

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1x IWS Brain Pot Controller Unit

Choose the type of brain above:

Run to Waste (Standard)
Flood & Drain (Standard)
DWC (Standard)
Custom Brain (Standard)
Basic Flood & Drain (Standard)
R-DWC (Standard
Pro Flood and Drain
Pro Recirculating Deep Water Culture (R-DWC)


30cm x 50cm (all types)


  • Choose from an array of Brain Pots that are each designed for a different system
  • Utilizes a system of float switches
  • Comes with professional grade Maxijet pumps
  • Built from tough, crack resistant plastic

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