Hyper Fan & Rhino Pro Kit - Acoustic Ducting (10m)

Hyper Fan & Rhino Pro Kit - Acoustic Ducting (10m)


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6" (150mm) 535m3 p/h (Add: £15.00)

£249.95 £249.95
Hyper Fan & Rhino Pro Kit - Acoustic Ducting (10m)

Powerful, Efficient, Cutting-Edge Extraction!

Phresh Hyper Fans feature cutting edge multi-phase digital motors, which generate incredible static pressure levels, while also running at low noise levels. The high efficiency level of these motors allows Phresh Hyper Fans to move a ridiculous volume of air per watt of electricity consumed: they'll help you to maintain an optimal grow room environment while saving you large sums of money on your energy bills in the process! Multi-phase motors are energized 12 times per revolution. Compare this to the 2-4 times a second that older fan motor technologies are capable of and you'll see why Phresh Hyper Fans have been such game changers. Their motors' highly innovative design also reduces excess heat levels and decreases general wear and tear, which makes them extremely reliable; they'll even outlast the motors on tried-&-tested workhorses like the RVK range, which are built to handle the stresses of industrial settings. But don't just take our word for it - instead, take complete peace of mind from the fact that Hyper Fans are covered by a two year manufacturer's warranty!

Choose your size in the dropdown box: Phresh Hyper fans are available in 6" (150mm) 8" (200mm) and 10" (250mm)

  • Powerful and efficient multi-phase digital motors
  • Lower vibration levels for reduced noise transfer
  • Incorporates laminar blades and stator technology (based on jet engine designs)
  • Pays for itself by using half the power of comparable fans
  • 'Soft start' circuitry resulting in less wear and tear
  • Lightweight aluminum fan housings - a doddle to hang
  • Superior, self lubricating bearings
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty on the Phresh Hyper Fan
  • Comes with a Rhino Pro Filter - widely regarded as the best in the industry
  • Supplied with fast clamp and duct clip for an ultra-secure connection and no nasty surprises
  • Phresh Hyper Fans are supplied with tethered fan speed controllers that can regulate output from 35% - 100%


1 x Phresh Hyper Fan (Select size via dropdown)
1 x Rhino Pro Carbon filter ( 6" kits 150mm/300mm, 8" kits 200mm/600mm and 10" kits 250mm/1000mm)
1 x Fast Clamp
1 x Duct Clip
10 Metres of Acoustic Ducting

Which Size Kit Do I Need for my Grow Tent?

As a general rule of thumb, assuming a 2m tent height:

6" kit (535m3 p/h) :
1.2m 1.2m, 1.5m x 1.5m

8" kit (1206m3 p/h):
1.2m x 2.4m, 2m x 2m, 2.4m x 2.4m

10" kit (1810m3 p/h):
2.4m x 2.4m, 3m x 3m., 2.4m x 3.6m

Acoustic or Combi-Ducting?

You'll notice our kits come with Acoustic or Combi ducting, so which one is best for you?

Both are a big step up from traditional flexi ducting, acoustic ducting has much more sound insulation which reduces the wind noise as air travels through your ducting, so if noise from your grow room is an issue for you, you will want to be looking at acoustic ducting. It is however a bit more bulky and slightly more fiddly to set up. Combi ducting has a black outer layer which makes it both much more resistant to tearing and light proof, stopping any light entering through your ducting during dark periods. It goes some way to dampen noise in comparison to traditional flexi ducting but doesn't come close to acoustic ducting.

How this Kit Works:

This Phresh Hyper Fan extraction kit contains everything you need to extract air from your grow room. This will remove excess moisture from the area, reducing issues associated with high humidity levels, like mildew and rot. Sucking air out of the room, will generate negative pressure, helping to stop odours from escaping from the room, while drawing fresh air in to the area, bringing along with it a healthy supply of CO2 that your plants use for the process of photosynthesis. Your extraction system is also your main weapon against temperature issues. This is one of the reasons why your extraction system should always be mounted at the top of your grow room: hot air can then be sucked away from the grow area as it rises, so that cooler air from outside can be drawn in.

We've opted to include Rhino Pro filters with our range of Phresh Hyper Fan kits. Rhino Pros have been the go-to choice of carbon filter for years and years, and the majority of our customers wouldn't use anything else. They’ve built up a reputation for getting the job done, killing any grow room odours stone dead. That’s because Rhino filters utilise RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon, which is widely regarded as the best available. They're also designed with 51% open area meshing, which optimises air flow, putting less drag on your fan (not that it's too much of an issue for the Hyper Fan!). You'll get 2 years out of a Rhino Pro before it needs replacing, unlike cheap and nasty knock-offs that start to degrade within weeks.

Using this Kit:

The fan needs to be connected to the carbon filter with the supplied fast clamp. Always double check to ensure that the air direction is correct before mounting your extraction system to the ceiling of your grow tent or grow room. Air needs to be sucked through the carbon filter and then out to the opposite direction. Once you're confident that the fan is attached properly, you can attach your ducting with the supplied duct clip.