Hydrotops - Custom Made Nutrients 25 Litres

Hydrotops - Custom Made Nutrients 25 Litres

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Hydrotops - Custom Made Nutrients 25 Litres

Specifically Formulated and Customised for Rapid Growth and Development

Hydrotops are the only nutrient manufacturer who can supply small amounts (25 Litres) of plant feed which has been custom made to perfectly compliment your starting water. The mineral profile of starting water from area to area can vary a lot. Using a generic nutrient can mean that you end up with feed water that has too much of one nutrient, and not enough of another. By ordering a custom designed nutrient for your starting water you can be sure that your final feed water is perfectly balanced. This means that there will be virtually no chance of nutrient lockouts and deficiencies.

To order 25 Litres of custom nutrient simply contact our dedicated customer service team on 01782 749955 or email us at customerorders@onestopgrowshop.co.uk and we will go through prices and begin the ordering process for you. Lead time is usually a few days to a week after we receive a sample of your starting water.

In order to create a custom feed, we will required a sample of the tap water you intend to use. We can send you a bottle to fill with your sample. Once filled, send the sample back to us or bring it in store and we will send it off to Hydrotops. Each bottle has a unique ID and a certificate to go along with it, which will need to be filled in by yourself prior to sending the sample off for testing. Once the sample is received by Hydrotops they will create a nutrient feed perfectly suited to your starting water. When the nutrient is ready, it will be shipped back to One Stop Grow Shop where you can collect it in person or it can be shipped to you directly.

Custom Hydrotops nutrients are available for the following base nutrients:

  • Hydro Grow A&B
  • Hydro Bloom A&B
  • Coco Grow A&B
  • Coco Bloom A&B
  • Soil Grow Solo
  • Soil Bloom Solo
  • Soil Boost Solo

Hydrotops Custom Formulations offer the following benefits:

  • Custom formula, tailor-made for your water supply
  • Blends with your starting water to create a perfectly balanced nutrient profile
  • Provides exactly what plants need for the best in vigorous, lush growth
  • Avoids overfeeding of any particular nutrient
  • Avoids nutrient lockouts
  • Avoids nutrient deficiencies

Contains: 25 Litres of your choice of custom nutrient

Why Choose a Custom Formula?

The majority of hydroponic nutrients sold in the U.K are produced and then imported from Europe. These generic nutrients are generally designed for water conditions typically found in mainland Europe. These nutrients do not compliment your water source perfectly. Problems will often arise due to certain minerals already being present in the water to start with, or not containing the normal levels of other minerals. Generic nutrient brands therefore rarely produce a balanced working nutrient solution to begin with. Unbalanced nutrient solutions often lead to overfeeding, lockouts, and deficiencies - all of which lead to less than optimal results.

Hydrotops first began to address this issue back in 1996, producing nutrients tailor-made to a customer's water supply after receiving a tap water sample. The water sample is analysed at the Hydrotops facility and a custom made, refined nutrient blend is produced especially for you which will marry with your starting water to produce a perfectly balanced feed.

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