Hydor Tank Heater 200w

Hydor Tank Heater 200w

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Hydor Tank Heater 200w

Don't let winter kill your yields!

In cold weather, the temperature of the nutrient solution in your reservoir can become so low that it stunts the growth of your plants. Ensure your nutrient solution doesn't get too cold with a Hydor Thermostatic Tank Heater. This 200W version is great for small reservoirs of up to about 100-200 litres.

  • Hydor - manufacturer of high quality aquarium accessories
  • Helps stop your nutrient solution from becoming cold and slowing plant growth
  • Great for the winter months
  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain a steady temperature
  • Easy to use graduated temperature control
  • Light indicates when the heater is on
  • Suitable for reservoirs from 100 to 200 litres in size
  • Break resistant
  • Includes safety cut-out

Hydor Tank Heater 200W contains:

1 x Hydor Tank Heater 200W

How the Hydor Tank Heater 200W works:

The Hydor 200W Tank Heater is a glass tube containing a heating element that is controlled by a user-set thermostat. The Hydor Tank Heater will switch on when submerged in water that is colder than the temperature set on the graduated control. When the water has heated up to the user-set temperature, the heater will switch off until the water temperature drops below the control setting again. In this way, the Hydor Tank Heater maintains a steady water temperature. The 200W version is generally adequate for a 100 - 200 litre reservoir, depending on the ambient temperature. The glass tube containing the heating element is shatter resistant and thermally shock-proof. A light inside the glass tube indicates when the heater is actively working and warming the water. Two suction-cups with attached clips are supplied to fix the heater to a flat surface inside a reservoir.

Using the Hydor Tank Heater 200W:

Do not power-on your Hydor tank heater until it has been installed into position. Set the desired temperature on the control knob on the end of the tank heater. Most plants will be happy with water at a temperature of 18C - 20C. Fit the Hydor tank heater inside your reservoir so that the glass tube will remain submerged up to the water-level line printed on the glass tube at all times. Over time, plants will drink the water so the reservoir level will go down. It is important that the tank heater is fitted below the lowest level that the reservoir goes down to between reservoir changes or top-ups. The Hydor tank heater can be used completely submerged if necessary and can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Two suction-cups with plastic grip-clips are supplied to easily fit the Hydor tank heater to the side of your reservoir.

When the Hydor tank heater has been fitted in the reservoir, it can then be plugged in and switched on. Always remember to switch the heater off before removing the heater or when emptying the reservoir to change the nutrient solution.

Hydor Tank Heater 200W length: 30.6cm (12 inches)