Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness 473mls (16oz) 5-9-4

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness 473mls (16oz) 5-9-4

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Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness 473mls (16oz) 5-9-4

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness 473mls

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness is a superb 1-part base nutrient which is ideal for plants grown in soil or coco, especially in a hand-watering or drain-to-waste system. Oneness uses plant-based and amino-based chelated nutrients to provide everything that your plants need in a very stable and highly absorbable package. If eye-popping yields of premium quality crops is truly your goal, Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness is the answer to your dreams!

  • Humboldt Nutrients – Brilliant Californian plant-food expertise!
  • Oneness – contains plant and amino based chelated ingredients - the best there is
  • Used right the way through your grow in veg and flowering
  • Easily absorbable and incredibly effective
  • Can be used with almost any grow-medium - soil, coco, clay pebbles
  • Works great as a foliar feed
  • Works in almost any grow-style - hand-feeding, drain-to-waste, even recirculating hydro
  • Proves that quantity does not have to be sacrificed for quality
  • Use with Humboldt Nutrients boosters and additives for astonishing results
  • Use with Humboldt Nutrients - Sea-Cal for best effect

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness 473mls contains:

473 millilitres of Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness

How Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness works:

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness is a technologically advanced 1-part base nutrient. The latest in scientific research by Humboldt Nutrients has produced a plant-food where all the vital elements are wrapped up in their own plant-based and amino chelated molecules. This makes the food very stable and much more available to your plants over a wider pH range. As a result, your plants get what they want, when they want it, in a form that they can absorb in a natural way!

Oneness contains virtually everything your plants need. However, when calcium and magnesium are present in the same mix, they can lock each other out. For this reason, Humboldt Nutrients recommend that this product is used with their Sea-Cal to provide an adequate supply of calcium

Using Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness :

Key: 0-Unsuitable, 1-Good, 2-Better, 3-Best

Suitability for use with Soil: 3

Suitability for use with Coco: 2

Suitability for Drain to Waste Hydro: 3

Suitability for Recirculating Hydro: 1

Suitability for Foliar Feeding: 3

Advanced Nutrients equivalent products: (No equivalent known)


Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness is for almost any type of grow-medium - soil, coco, rockwool, clay pebbles etc. and for almost any type of system - hand-watering, drain-to-waste or recirculating hydroponics. Oneness is especially good for Drain-to Waste or Hand-fed plants grown in soil. Humboldt Nutrients recommend that this product is used with their Sea-Cal for best results.

The water that you begin with can have a large impact on your results. Humboldt nutrients recommend un-chlorinated water which is oxygenated before and during use. To achieve this, Humboldt Nutrients themselves use Reverse Osmosis water which has been "bubbled" well with an airpump and airstone before use and while it is in the reservoir.

Always shake the bottles well before use. For best results, please refer to Humboldt Nutrients own feeding chart. In general, Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness is used right the way through your grow in both veg and flowering. The exact amount to use will vary depending on which boosters you will be using with it. As a guideline, use between 0.52 - 1.95 ml/litre in veg, and between 1.04 - 1.82 ml/litre in flowering. After this, add any boosters or additives that you wish to use. Finally, check and adjust the pH as necessary.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Manufacturer's recommended dosage rates are only for vigorously growing plants that are in the peak of health. Slower growing plants and those that are not 100% healthy will require a lower dosage rate. Learn more about how to control nutrient strength and pH levels in hydroponics in our blog guides: Control of Nutrient Strength Levels in Hydroponics and pH Control in Hydroponics

Always ensure that when hand-watering in soil, you wet the soil thoroughly and achieve 10% – 20% run-off each time.

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness dosage during veg: 0.52 - 1.95 ml/Litre

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness dosage during flowering: 1.04 – 1.82 ml/Litre

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness NPK – 5-9-4

Humboldt Nutrients - Oneness recommended pH range - 5.5-7.0