Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum powder 454g (16oz)


Nutrient Type Beneficials
Size 454g

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum powder 454g (16oz)

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Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum powder 454g (16oz)


Nutrient Type Beneficials
Size 454g

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum 454g

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum is an insoluble granular additive for soil or soilless mixes and contains a whole range of beneficial microbes. There's 2 species of trichoderma which fight off root diseases, 9 species of mycorrhizal fungi which colonise roots and feed the plant while extending the size of the root-system and finally there's 15 species of beneficial bacteria which improve the quality of the grow-medium, making it a more friendly environment for roots.

  • Humboldt Nutrients – Brilliant Californian plant-food expertise!
  • Myco Maximum - A powerful blend of beneficial microbes
  • 2 Species of Trichoderma which fight off root diseases
  • 9 species of Mycorrhizal Fungi which feed and extend your plants roots
  • 15 species of beneficial bacteria which create a better root-environment
  • For use with soil, coco or soilless mixes
  • Great for the all-natural garden
  • Use with Humboldt Nutrients base nutrients and other boosters for astonishing results

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum 454g Contains

454 grams of Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum

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How Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum Works

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum is a powerful mixture of Trichodermal and Mycorrhizal fungi plus beneficial bacteria. Each type of friendly microbe does a different job. Trichodermal fungi actively attack pathogenic moulds and root-diseases and help protect plant roots from harm. Mycorrhizal fungi colonise plant roots, feeding the plant with nutrients and helping to protect the roots in exchange for a little bit of sugar. The mycorrhizal fungi then spread through the grow-medium, creating what is effectively a second set of roots, greatly increasing the root-mass of the plant and the surface area for absorbing water and nutrients. The 15 strains of beneficial bacteria do various jobs in the grow-medium, such as fixing (producing and regulating) nitrogen, making organic matter and creating a healthier root-zone. Myco Maximum also contains humic acids, worm castings and glucose to give the friendly microbes. Myco Maximum gives your plants a very happy root-zone to grow and flourish in, leading to bigger crops. Myco Maximum was designed to be mixed into soil, coco or soilless mixes before transplant. Myco Maximum is not soluble in water, which makes it unsuitable for hydro use.

Using Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum :

Key: 0-Unsuitable, 1-Good, 2-Better, 3-Best

Suitability for use with Soil: 3

Suitability for use with Coco: 3

Suitability for Drain to Waste Hydro: 0

Suitability for Recirculating Hydro: 0

Suitability for Foliar Feeding: 0

Advanced Nutrients equivalent products: Piranha

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Maximum is for use with plants grown in soil, soilless mixes or coco and is mixed into the medium before potting up.

The water that you begin with can have a large impact on your results. Humboldt nutrients recommend un-chlorinated water which is oxygenated before and during use. To achieve this, Humboldt Nutrients themselves use Reverse Osmosis water which has been "bubbled" well with an airpump and airstone before use and while it is in the reservoir. Chlorinated water can kill or severely inhibit the activity of beneficial microbes so take care to use unchlorinated water when watering your plants

For Soil, soilless, coco application: Add 1 oz of Myco Maximum per 10 litres of soil, soilless mix or coco and mix well before transplanting your plant into it. Myco Maximum can also be used in and around the potting hole before potting up.