Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky 946mls 0.5-0-0

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky 946mls 0.5-0-0

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Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky 946mls 0.5-0-0

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky 946mls

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky is a premium wetting agent for foliar sprays. When added to a foliar-feed or insecticide/fungicide spray, Humboldt Sticky helps to emulsify the ingredients within the liquid. When the spray is used, Humboldt Sticky reduces the surface tension of the liquid and the tendency of the spray to form droplets on the leaf, allowing it to spread and wet the surface more completely and evenly.

  • Humboldt Nutrients – Brilliant Californian plant-food expertise!
  • Humboldt Sticky – a premium wetting agent
  • Reduces the surface tension of liquids
  • Allows foliar-sprays to more completely and evenly wet a leaf
  • Greatly improves absorption of foliar-sprays
  • Makes your foliar-sprays go further - use less and achieve better results
  • Use with Humboldt Nutrients base nutrients and other boosters for astonishing results

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky 946mls contains:

946 millilitres of Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky

How Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky works:

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky contains Quillaja Saponaria or "soap bark" which is a naturally derived emulsifier and surfactant or "wetting agent". When Humboldt Sticky is added to oil-based products like certain insecticides and fungicides, it allows them to be mixed into water more easily and evenly. The second action of Humboldt Sticky as a wetting agent greatly reduces the tendency of foliar sprays to sit on the leaves as droplets. Humboldt Sticky allows the spray to evenly wet a leaf and to allow nutrients etc to be absorbed by the leaf's stomata or "breathing pores" more efficiently. This means that less spray needs to be used to completely wet a leaf, making your foliar spray go further.

Humboldt Sticky is designed to be used in your foliar sprays which can be used at any point during veg or flowering. However, caution should always be used when using foliar sprays on dense flower-buds as it may encourage mould.

Using Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky :

Key: 0-Unsuitable, 1-Good, 2-Better, 3-Best

Suitability for use with Soil: 1

Suitability for use with Coco: 1

Suitability for Drain to Waste Hydro: 0

Suitability for Recirculating Hydro: 0

Suitability for Foliar Feeding: 3

Advanced Nutrients equivalent products: Wet Betty


Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky can be used in any foliar-spray on plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow-system. Humboldt Sticky can be used in foliar-sprays at any time during your grow whether it is in veg or flowering. However, be cautious of encouraging mould by using foliar-sprays on dense flower clusters.

Always shake the bottle well before use. For best results, add between 2.6 and 3.9 ml/Litre to your foliar-spray and mix well.

Simply fill your spray-gun with the mixture and thoroughly spray your plants from top to bottom ensuring no part is missed. Ensure that the topsides, and most importantly, the undersides of all leaves are wetted completely. As always with foliar sprays, only use in low light intensity conditions and ensure none gets on your grow-lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is when your grow-lamp has just gone out for the dark-cycle, while the stomata are still open. This allows time for the spray to be absorbed before the lamp comes back on, reducing the chance of foliar burns due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky dosage during veg: 2.6 - 3.9 ml/Litre

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Sticky NPK: 0.5-0-0