Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots 227mls (8oz) 0-0.25-0.25

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots 227mls (8oz) 0-0.25-0.25

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Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots 227mls (8oz) 0-0.25-0.25

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots 227mls

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots is a highly concentrated root stimulant that greatly expands a plant's root mass. A larger root-zone provides the top of the plant with a better supply of nutrients and increases yields! Invaluable product.

  • Humboldt Nutrients – Brilliant Californian plant-food expertise!
  • Humboldt Roots - a premium natural root stimulant
  • Increases the size of a plant's root-mass
  • Can be used in any grow-medium
  • Can be used in any grow-system
  • Larger root-mass means increased yields
  • Use with Humboldt Nutrients base nutrients and other boosters for astonishing results

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots 227mls contains:

227 millilitres of Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots

How Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots works:

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots is a concentrated natural root stimulant containing a rich blend of Ascophyllum Nodosum (seaweed extract), Humic Acid, Amino Acids and lots of root encouraging goodies. The seaweed extract contains natural rooting hormones while the Humic and Amino Acids improve the conditions for hearty rooting and provide the food required to grow them. When flowering time comes, the greatly enlarged root-mass provides the rest of the plant with an improved supply of nutrients, leading to larger crops and increased yields. Use with Humboldt Nutrients White Widow for astonishing root growth.

Using Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots :

Key: 0-Unsuitable, 1-Good, 2-Better, 3-Best

Suitability for use with Soil: 3

Suitability for use with Coco: 2

Suitability for Drain to Waste Hydro: 3

Suitability for Recirculating Hydro: 3

Suitability for Foliar Feeding: 0

Advanced Nutrients equivalent products: Similar to but not exactly like Piranha

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots is for use with plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow-system. Humboldt Roots is mainly used during the vegetative cycle and the first two weeks of flowering to build an extensive root-system ready for heavy blossoming.

The water that you begin with can have a large impact on your results. Humboldt nutrients recommend un-chlorinated water which is oxygenated before and during use. To achieve this, Humboldt Nutrients themselves use Reverse Osmosis water which has been "bubbled" well with an airpump and airstone before use and while it is in the reservoir.

Only shake the bottle gently before use as this product does not react well to vigorous shaking. For best results, please refer to Humboldt Nutrients own feeding chart. The exact amount to use will vary depending on which grow-medium, grow-system, base nutrient and boosters you will be using it with. As a guideline, make up your base nutrient as usual and add Humboldt Roots at a rate of 0.26 - 0.52 ml/Litre. After adding this, add any other boosters or additives that you wish to use and mix well. Check the pH of the nutrient water and adjust as necessary.

Always ensure that when hand-watering in soil or coco, you wet the medium thoroughly and achieve 10% – 20% run-off each time.

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots dosage: 0.26 - 0.52 ml/Litre

Humboldt Nutrients - Humboldt Roots NPK: 0-0.25-0.25