House & Garden Rhizo Force - 4kg


Nutrient Type Beneficials
Size 4kg

House & Garden Rhizo Force - 4kg

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House & Garden Rhizo Force - 4kg


Nutrient Type Beneficials
Size 4kg

AKA Bacto Force - A Super-Concentrated Blend of Beneficial Microbes

H&G's granular soil conditioner 'Rhizo Force', otherwise known as 'Bacto Force'! It works to build concentrations of enzymes, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi that will help to maximise plant growth and development by harnessing the raw power of nature. Cultivating an army of protective microbes will also help to ward off pathogenic fungi like pythium, which can devastate entire crops.

  • A blend of 100% natural ingredients
  • Speeds up vegging times by delivering highly available forms of nitrogen
  • Delivers enzymes, beneficial bacteria and mycorhizals - all in one product!
  • Creates a microbial defense system in the root-zone
  • Protects plants against pathogenic diseases
  • Increases the surface area of roots for improved nutrient uptake
  • Works great with other House & Garden products


1 x  4kg of House and Garden Rhizo Force

Recommended Additional Purchases

 - an instant tap water conditioner that nullifies the effects of chlorine and chloramine, maximising the impact of beneficial microbe additives.


Compost bacteria, actinomycetes, co-enzymes, proteins, azo bacteria, lime, bone powder, blood powder, bentonite

How House and Garden Rhizo Force works


Enzymes work by breaking down dead roots and other bits of matter into useable food for your plants and for microbes present in the substrate, reducing the risk of root disease and delivering nutrients that promote gleaming plant health.

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria perform a number of functions inside the grow medium. One of their key roles is in converting nitrogen from the atmosphere to a form that's available to your plants, while also helping to build organic matter and improve overall fertility.

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi attaches itself to root systems, increasing their overall surface area and dramatically improving plants' ability to uptake nutrients. In return, mycorrhizals use up a very small quantity of plant sugars, so it's worth supplementing with a product that contains carbohydrates, like Honey ES, that will provide an external source of nourishment for the microherd. Mycorrhizal fungi is one of the secret weapons of competition gardeners - it has been used for decades to produce prize winning fruits and vegetables. True professionals just wouldn't grow without it.

How to use House and Garden Rhizo Force

Use at a rate of 1 tablespoon per 5 litre container or 1kg for every to 10 square metres of soil. Most gardeners will get the best benefits by blending it into the substrate at the aforementioned rates when potting up. It can also be 'top dressed' by sprinkling it over the tops of containers and watering it in.