HiGrade - Intelligent Diagnosis App and Plant Microscope
  • Higrade plant microscope
  • Higrade with iphone 2
  • Higrade with iphone
  • Higrade box

HiGrade - Intelligent Diagnosis App and Plant Microscope

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HiGrade - Intelligent Diagnosis App and Plant Microscope
  • Higrade plant microscope
  • Higrade with iphone 2
  • Higrade with iphone
  • Higrade box

Your AI Growing Assistant - Analyse Active Ingredients and Diagnose Any Growroom Issue with Ease!

Buy a HiGrade microscope and you'll receive a complete plant diagnosis package that will assist you with all of your grow room troubles. Want to identify a deficiency? Take a picture, send it off via the app and you'll receive guidance on how to rectify the situation within a few hours! The HiGrade also analyses active ingredients, and it can even provide you with information on exactly when to harvest! It's like having your very own PhD-level gardening assistant - one that's ready to lend a hand at any time.

  • Capable of diagnosing an extensive array of deficiencies, pests and other grow room issues
  • Comes with a 12-month license key and up to 400 diagnosis requests per month
  • Tests levels of active ingredients (all done using the included microscope)
  • Easy to set up and compatible with almost any smartphone (and most tablets)
  • Provides 30x magnification - thirty times bigger images than usual!
  • Automatically lights images when fitted to your phone
  • Tells you when to harvest based on the maturity of essential oil glands
  • Diagnoses plant issues within a few hours and performs tests instantaneously
  • Utilises secure encryption to keep your identity safe and protect data


1 x 12-month license key (for full access to the AI gardening assistant), 1 x HiGrade 30x Smartphone Microscope

How the HiGrade System Works

When you purchase a HiGrade system, you'll receive a 12-month license that gives you access to the HiGrade app. The included microscope is an easy-to-use unit that delivers extreme close-up views of your plants (and any pests that may inhabit them). You can attach it to most smartphones in seconds, increasing the size of images by thirty times (30x) the standard magnifiaction rates. Once you've taken your images, you can then upload them via the app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. There are three types of query that can be addressed:

Identifying Grow Room Issues

The HiGrade team can diagnose a massive array of typical problems, like pests, deficiencies and environmental issues. Better yet, the HiGrade app also provides the advice that you need to get your plants back on track. This is all done securely using encrypted communications. Running the app is effectively like having a PhD-level horticulturalist on hand to guide you through your issues. When you buy the HiGrade system, your license key is valid for twelve months, and during this period, you're allowed up to 400 questions per month! The process takes a few hours, which is slightly longer than the other options because each answer is personally vetted by human experts. By heeding the advice given, you can make effective changes that will add a lot to your next harvest in terms of both quality and quantity.

Active Ingredient Testing

To test active ingredients, send a 30x magnified image of your plant materials using the encrypted HiGrade app. You'll then recieive a near-instantaneous result that will provide active ingredient levels (expressed as a percentage of the total material). This is all done using HiGrade's artificially intelligent algorithms.

When to Harvest

Done in the same way as the Active Ingredient Test, this particular test tells you how long you should wait before harvesting your crop. Getting the timing exactly right and harvesting at the optimal stage of maturity will deliver a superior end-product.

How to Use the HiGrade Plant Microscope

You can start taking pictures with the HiGrade Microscope within seconds of opening the box. Just pull the spring-levers back and slide the unit over your phone or tablet, so that the lens of the magnifying glass sits in front of the lens on your phone. You'll notice that, when the levers are pulled back, the Microscope's lighting switches on automatically, prepping you for the shot. All that's left to do is navigate to your camera software and take an image, or you can simply view everything through the your smartphone screen in realtime. Load up the app, follow the simple instructions and you're away!

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