Hazel Parker Fast Green Hand Clean - 124ml Hand / Tool Cleaner

Hazel Parker Fast Green Hand Clean - 124ml Hand / Tool Cleaner

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Hazel Parker Fast Green Hand Clean - 124ml Hand / Tool Cleaner

All natural cleaner which is both 100% organic and effective

Made in the heart of green country, Humboldt, U.S.A, this cleaning agent works wonders on anything that it comes into contact with, including sticky resins. Fast Green Hand Clean gets rid of sticky substances without the need for soap and water. It's a tried and tested product that's the first choice in hand cleaners for professional growers.

  • 100% natural hand and tool cleaner
  • Quoted as the "best hand cleaner ever made"
  • Cruelty free NOT tested on animals
  • Non-toxic, organic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly
  • Works on a wide range of resins, greases and grime
  • 1,000 sprays per bottle


1x Fast Green Hand Clean 124ml/118g

All natural, pure distilled food grade active ingredients include
Cedar oil
Citrus oil
Grape seed oil

How Hazel Parker Fast green Hand Clean Works:

By combining many natural ingredients the Fast Green Hand Clean makes a powerful alternative to traditional hand cleaners minus the harmful chemicals commonly used by large-scale manufacturers. Its fast-acting all-natural formula is perfect for many applications but famous for removing resin from fingers when soap and water just won’t shift it. The product hit the shelves in a few local shops around Humboldt County and quickly sold out, gaining wide acclaim with many seasoned growers domestcially at first and then worldwide.

How to use Fast Green Hand Clean:

Spary fingers to loosen resin & gently rub together, spray onto a clean dry cloth and wipe off, repeat as needed. Works on a wide vareity of sticky substances including resin, tree sap, chewing gum, car grease, sticker residue, latex caulk, roof cement grime and much more.

Do not spary near a open flame. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

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