Growmax Mega Grow 1000 - 1000 litres / day - Reverse Osmosis System

Growmax Mega Grow 1000 - 1000 litres / day - Reverse Osmosis System

SKU: 720050

Purifies Water, Removing Chemicals and Dissolved Minerals

Growmax reverse osmosis systems remove chemicals and contaminants, along with 99% of the mineral salts that contribute to the hardness of your water. The water this system produces is ideal for use with humidifiers & misters, as it leaves no powdery residues behind, preserving the integrity of your equipment.

  • Great for reducing the hardness of your water (lowers EC)
  • Great for using with humidifying & misting equipment
  • Prevents powdery limescale build-up on equipment
  • Removes 95% of the salts found in tap water
  • Also removes dangerous heavy metals
  • Helps to create nutrient solutions with a more stable pH
  • Eco-friendly coconut carbon filters with enhanced absorption capabilities
  • Helps to preserve microbial activity in your soil for bigger and better yields
  • Cartridges last 6 months before they need replacing
  • Uses 1/4 inch pipe and fittings

Removes salts, heavy metals, chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic contaminants, benzenes, toluene, oils, THMs, detergents, PCBs

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