Growlite OG 6-inch (150mm) Air-Cooled Vertical Lamp Reflector

Growlite OG 6-inch (150mm) Air-Cooled Vertical Lamp Reflector

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Growlite OG 6-inch (150mm) Air-Cooled Vertical Lamp Reflector

Growlite OG 6-inch (150mm) Air-Cooled Vertical Lamp Reflector

The Growlite OG is a professional grade reflector that will blow you away with its perfect light-spread and solid build-quality. With a unique design and a vertically mounted lamp socket, Growlite haven’t been afraid to bring something new to the table – and it works a treat!

  • Growlite - unique designs that stand out from the competition
  • Perfect for a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m grow tent
  • Black powder-coated outside finish
  • Advanced 'CVAT' cooling technology
  • Vertically mounted lamp
  • Custom parabolic reflector
  • 1/8” thick tempered glass
  • 15ft (4.5m) power cable leading to kettle lead
  • Compatible with both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps


1 x Growlite Reflector (with 15ft power cable and IEC ‘kettle lead’ connection), 2 x V-Hangers

How the Growlite OG Works:

The Growlite OG is quite unique among air-cooled reflectors, being the only model currently available with a vertically mounted lamp and custom-designed parabolic reflective inner. The resulting light-spread is as close to flawless as is likely possible, with beautifully even coverage across the canopy, and no hot-spots. To achieve this, Growlite have given the OG’s reflector panels a unique shape with two separate tone patterns: the sidewalls are a smooth, highly polished surface, and within these sidewalls sits a hammertone X-shape, creating a parabolic effect. Not only does this design provide an excellent light spread, it also helps with cooling.  When the unit is air-cooled using separately available equipment, air is blown into the reflector without blowing directly over the lamp. This helps to remove heat from the grow area without lowering the temperature of the lamp itself, which can, in turn, negatively effect its spectral output, reducing efficiency and slowing growth rates. Growlite like to call this CVAT or “Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology” – and it works a treat! All that is required is a 6” (150mm) duct fan, two duct clips and a piece of ducting long enough to be able to vent any hot air to an outside area and away from the grow. You can still get the benefits of its unique parabolic reflector without needing air-cooling if you remove the glass panel from its underside.

You’ll notice when handling the unit that the build quality is up there with the very best, with high quality latches and a heavyweight framework. No expense has been spared to produce a reflector that stands out above the competition.

How to Use the Growlite OG:

Unbox the OG Reflector, remove any packaging and position it on a flat surface with the glass facing downwards. Always ensure that the fasteners on the glass panel are secured before moving it. Locate the lamp holder and position it over the matching hole in the top of the reflector. The lamp holder can then be secured onto the body of the reflector using the 4 supplied screws (found in the bag with the V-brackets).

Included with the OG are two V-hangers that can be fitted into matching slots either side of the unit. With the V-hangers in place, you can then hang the OG Reflector in the centre of your grow area from a secure place. Use Rope Ratchets or jack chains rather than Easy Rolls, as they are better suited to accommodating the OG’s weight. Once hung, support the glass panel on the underside of the reflector and undo the fasteners to open it up. With access to the inside, take a clean cloth and use it to hold your chosen lamp while you screw it firmly into the E40 socket. Do not allow the lamp or the glass panel to make contact with fingers, grease or other impurities, which can drastically reduce the efficiency of its output.

Use duct clips to fit 150mm (6”) ducting to both of the air inlet / outlet points. How this aspect is completed will depend on your particular set-up, but it is recommended that, if possible, the extractor fan should be connected to the inlet side of the OG Reflector, so that it blows cold air through it rather than sucking hot air out, which may reduce the lifespan of your extractor fan.
Connect the power cable to a ballast of a matching output. If you wish to use a timer, do not plug ballasts into them directly. Instead, use a contactor / relay, which will allow you to use a timer while diverting the electrical draw through a separate plug socket.

The OG can then be turned on at the mains supply along with the ventilation system.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp or the glass underneath with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires.

Compatible HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Lamps: 250w, 400w, 600w
Compatible Metal Halide Lamps: 250w, 400w, 600w


(L) 21.75" x (W) 21.75" x (H) 12"

(L) 552mm x (W) 552mm x (H) 304mm