GroStar Parabolic Reflector

GroStar Parabolic Reflector


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GroStar Parabolic Reflector

Grostar Parabolic Reflector

The Grostar Parabolic Reflector is the result of intensive scientific research to produce the most efficient reflector on the market. Utilising an unusually shaped canopy and MIRO alloy (Aluminium/Silver, Silicon Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide) the Grostar Mini Parabolic Reflector produces an almost perfectly even spread of light and almost completely eliminates hot-spots.

  • Scientifically designed for an almost perfectly even light spread
  • Utilises advanced materials for 95% reflectivity
  • Suitable for 250W to 1000W HID lamps
  • Corrects the colour of the reflected light to induce more photosynthesis
  • Almost completely eliminates hot-spots from your garden
  • "One-piece" design eradicates seams and joins which reduce efficiency
  • Gives superb yields
  • Very light weight – Under 1kg for the Mini and around 1kg for the 'Original'
  • Mini is perfect for use in a 1.2m square and the 'Original' for use in either a 1.2m square or 1.5m square


1 x Grostar Parabolic Reflector with 3 metre cable terminated in an IEE plug

How the GroStar Mini Parabolic Reflector Works

The Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector is possibly the most scientifically advanced reflector on the market. The unique folds and angles have been calculated using computer-precision to produce an almost perfectly even downward spread of light. The Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector has multiple reflective layers and is made with highly advanced materials such as MIRO alloy; Aluminium/Silver, Silicon Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. As a result, the Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector not only has a reflectivity of 95% but it also “colour-corrects" the reflected light to be more useable by plants. The Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector is of “one-piece" manufacture and has no efficiency-reducing seams or joins. The end-result is that the Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector is possibly the most efficient reflector available on the market today, giving outstanding garden-coverage and top-notch yields.

How to Use the GroStar Mini Parabolic Reflector:

The Grostar Parabolic Reflector is designed for use with any vertically mounted HPS or MH lamp. Simply hang the reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using easy rolls, rope ratchet hangers or jack chain. Holding your lamp with a clean cloth insert it into the E40 bulb-holder in the Diamond Reflector and screw it in very firmly. Plug the lead into an appropriate ballast for HPS/MH type bulbs or an IEE (kettle type) mains lead for fluorescent type bulbs and switch on.

Warning: When HID lamps are switched on they run extremely hot. As with all high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs it is necessary to avoid touching the lamp with anything such as fingers or plants as this may cause severe burns or fires. In particular avoid sprays or liquids coming into contact with the lamp as this may cause premature failure or even an explosion.

Grostar Mini Parabolic Reflector dimensions: Length – 760mm, Width – 760mm, Depth – 410mm

Original Grostar Parabolic Reflector dimensions: Length – 1100mm, Width – 1100mm, Depth – 410mm

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