Green Sensation Thermoset Digital Thermostat

Green Sensation Thermoset Digital Thermostat

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Green Sensation Thermoset Digital Thermostat

Control your propagation environment with accurate precision

Keeping cuttings and seedlings at the right temperature is a worry for growers - by adding the Green Sensation Thermoset Digital Thermostat you can set your ideal temperature, sit back and await the upcoming roots!!!

  • Controls any heating device rated at 500 watts or lower
  • Can be used with heat mats, heating cables, heated trays and even small greenhouse heaters
  • Illuminated screen with large easy read digital display
  • Simple to setup and adjust using the plus and minus buttons
  • Has a "heat on" display to show when power is being drawn
  • Heavy duty probe rated at IP68 meaning it can be immersed in water or high humidity for long periods
  • Thermostat casing is waterproof protected against high humidity
  • Can be hung via the hanging loop


1x Green Sensation Thermoset Digital Thermostat with plug, plug socket and temperature probe

Cable lengths:
Plug - 150cm
Socket - 150cm
Probe - 200cm

How the Thermoset Digital Thermostat Works:

Heat mats are generally used under propagators to help ensure that temperatures do not drop below certain levels during a young plants’ most difficult stage. The Thermoset Digital Thermostat works with your heat mat in order to switch on whenever temperatures are below optimal levels and switch off when the selected temperature level has been reached.

The Thermoset has its own power cable and is also supplied with its own single plug socket, which is used to connect your heat mat. The output of the heat mat is then varied based around the information gathered by the external temperature sensor, meaning that heat is delivered only when required. As mentioned before, temperature control is great for young plants inside propagators – environmental factors play an absolutely crucial role in plants’ development especially cuttings and the more consistent you can maintain it, the more quickly they will root and grow.

How to Use the Thermoset Digital Thermostat:

Position a suitably sized heat mat under your propagator. Plug theThermoset Digital Thermostat into the wall and plug your heatmat into the socket attached to the thermostat. Keep the Thermostat outside the propagator and away from moisture. Place the probe inside the propagator, level with your plants. Next, you will need to choose the temperature setting for your propagator. Do this by presing the ‘set’ button on the left hand side and using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to choose your desired celcius level. Pressing the "+" and "-" buttons without pressing the 'set' button first simply sets the illumiation of the LED display.

The power LED on the left hand bottom side of the digital display will light up whenever the heat-mat is in use. This power LED will switch off once temperatures recorded by the probe have reached a level matching your chosen setting, indicating that power to the heat-mat has been turned off by the thermostat.  

Note: The thermostat displays ONLY in celcius.




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