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  • 113015 greenpower 5rt 5 way 1200 watt relay eco switch with grasslin timer

Green Power Relays


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Green Power 2R 2-Way 1200 Watt Hobby Relay

£39.95 £39.95
Green Power Relays
  • Greenpower all
  • 113006
  • 113007
  • 113000
  • 113015 greenpower 5rt 5 way 1200 watt relay eco switch with grasslin timer

Green Power Relays 

The Green Power Relays are incredibly robust yet simple devices, used for switching on lights or fans at preset times.Green Power units are made in the UK under license from Canatronics and meet their famous high standards of construction and manufacture.

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  • Green Power - superb quality switching units
  • Made in the UK under license from Canatronics to their exacting standards
  • Top quality components and construction
  • Switches 1 to 3 lights and/or fans
  • Easy to use
  • Provides reliability and safety for the switching of your HID lighting system
  • Some units feature integral Grasslin timers
  • Heavy Duty rubberised moulded plugs
  • Housed in a tough metal box


1 x Green Power Relay of your choice

Green Power 2R 2-Way - 1 or 2 lights up to 1200 Watts total load (Seperate Timer Needed)
Green Power 3R 3-Way - 1 to 3 lights up to 1800 Watts total load (Seperate Timer Needed)
Green Power 2RT 2-Way - 1 to 2 lights up to 1200 Watts total load
Green Power 5RT 2+3 Way - 1 to 2 lights up to 1200 Watts, 1 x Switched Aux socket, 1 x Un-Switched socket, 1 x    Reverse-Switched socket

How the Green Power Relays Work:

When growing indoors, lighting will need to be switched on and off at consistent times to replicate the day and night cycles of the outside world. The problem is that most timers are not designed to cope with the kind of electrical draw associated with industry standard HID lighting. Though certain timers may be designed to handle larger draws, they can still only switch one light at a time.

Relays are designed to allow you to control the switching on and off of multiple high-output lights using a single timer. Some do this by having 2 power cables – one supplies power and the other plugs into a (separately available) timer. The timer controls the lighting schedule, even though the power is being drawn through a separate cable. Because the load is drawn through a separate cable, a single timer can then be used to control multiple lights.

Other Green Power Relays come with a timer built in, such as the Green Power 2RT, so there is no need to purchase a seperate timer. These units only require one main socket outlet as the timer itself is built into the Greep Power unit.

Each power outlet is switchable, so that one light can be turned off easily even if the other is in operation. The built-in hanging bracket allows you to easily mount the unit on a wall or other suitable area, above waist height and well away from any liquids.

With a metal exterior, the Green Power Relay feels incredibly solid in your hands – these things really are built to last, meeting the exacting standards of the team at Canatronics, a company renowned for producing industry standard, tried and tested equipment. The manufacturers are so confident in the quality of Green Power Relays that they are also guaranteed for two years.

How to Use Green Power Relays:

The Green Power units can be hung from a wall by the attached fixing bracket.

Up to 3 x 600w lights can then be plugged in to the power outlets on the main unit, depending on which model is used. For HID lighting, the ballast will be plugged into the relay and the lamp holder in the reflector will be connected to the ballast. HID lights of lower outputs can also be used with the Green Power Relays with no problem as long as the total output does not exceed the stated wattage.

On the units without a built in timer one of the plugs on the end of the power cables will be marked with the word ‘timer’. Plug this cable into a separate timer and programme it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to switch on and off according to your desired schedule.

On units with a built in Grasslin timer there will only be one cable and plug. This should be plugged into your mains socket as normal, you can then programme your timer.

Once programmed, the timer can then be plugged into a mains socket (if not built in), then plug the power cable marked ‘mains’ into separate mains socket. Both cables coming out of the bottom of the Green Power Relay should now be connected to the mains, one directly and one via the timer (if applicable). Once turned on at the mains, the Green Power Relay will turn lighting on and off according to the schedule programmed into the timer.

Never plug multi-sockets into the relay or the relay into a multi socket! And never connect more devicve than the stated wattage will allow, as this will cause the unit to be overloaded.

Although Green Power Relays can handle the switching of up to 1800 Watts, it is worth bearing in mind that traditional (non-digital) HID lighting ballasts draw a considerable surge at switch-on which is well in excess of their normal running wattage. There must be enough spare capacity on the mains circuit that the Green Power switching unit is plugged into to provide at least 8 amps continuously. 3 lighting ballasts being switched on simultaneously may cause the circuit breaker in your consumer unit to trip if that circuit is being run too close to its limit.

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