Green Power Commercial Contactors
  • 113040 and 113050 greenpower commercial contactors
  • Greenpower 16 way con
  • 113050 greenpower 24 way commercial contactor with grasslin timer

Green Power Commercial Contactors


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Green Power Commercial 16-Way

£599.95 £599.95
Green Power Commercial Contactors
  • 113040 and 113050 greenpower commercial contactors
  • Greenpower 16 way con
  • 113050 greenpower 24 way commercial contactor with grasslin timer

Switch 16-24 Lights Efficiently and Reliably

Green Power Commercial Contactors are incredibly robust yet simple devices for switching on lights or fans at preset times. Green Power units are made in the UK under license from Canatronics and meet their famous high standards of construction and manufacture.

  • Green Power - superb quality switching units
  • Made in the UK under license from Canatronics to their exacting standards
  • Top quality components and construction
  • Switches 16 lights (9600w) or 24 lights (14400w)
  • Provides reliability and safety for the switching of your HID lighting system
  • Features an integral Grasslin timer
  • Heavy Duty rubberised moulded plugs
  • Housed in a tough metal box


1 x Green Power Commercial Contactor. Choose between 16-way and 24-way versions.

How the Commercial Contactor Works

Most plug-in timers available on the market today will fail if they are used to switch on and off a load such as a grow-light ballast. Green Power Commercial Contactors will safely and reliably switch on lighting ballasts (and/or fans etc.) by means of highly rugged internal electrical switching components according to the schedule that you set on the integral Grasslin timer on the front.

It will switch either 16 or 24 lighting systems (depending on the model you select), up to a total of either 9600w or 14400w. Each of the mains outlet sockets are also individually switchable. Green Power contactors are made under license from Canatronics to their very high standards. Grasslin are also very well known for making some of the most reliable timers in the industry. These contactors are housed in sturdy metal boxes, with full unit-width brackets for hanging.

Using the Commercial Contactor

The Green Power unit can be hung from a wall by the attached bracket. With the unit unplugged, programme the timer on the front by moving the tabs on the face of the Grasslin timer to the outer position for those times that you would like power to be on, and set the others to the inner position for the times that you would like the power to be off. Each segment corresponds to 15-minutes. A pencil or other small item can be handy for pushing the segments in or out with.

Move the timer-face clockwise until the current time lines up with the arrow. The hands on the clock in the centre will then also correspond to the correct time. There is an override switch to the lower-right side of the clock. This can be set to "0" for "Always Off" or it can be set to "1" for "Always On". The centre position of the switch is for "Timed On" and this will be the normal setting for the unit when it is in use to switch your lights on and off according to your set programme.

Plug your ballasts, fans or other electrical items to be switched, into the sockets on the Green Power contactor switching Unit. Make sure that the switches on the outlets are in the "On" position. Insert the rubberised mains plugs into mains outlets on separate socket faces. Do not plug them both into the same socket face as this will overload it. Ensure the timer override switch is in the middle position. The Greenpower contactor switching unit will now switch your lighting system on according to the programme set on the timer. 

It is worth bearing in mind that traditional (non-digital) HID lighting ballasts draw a considerable surge at switch-on which is well in excess of their normal running wattage. There must be enough spare capacity on the mains circuit that the Green Power contactor is plugged into to provide at least 19 amps continuously. 16-24 lighting ballasts being switched on simultaneously may cause the circuit breaker in your consumer unit to trip if that circuit is being run too close to (or over) it's limit.

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