Green Man Grow Systems
  • 764001 green man single plant system with hailea 2201 air pump and air stone
  • 764000 green man single plant system

Green Man Grow Systems


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Green Man without Air Pump and Air Stone

£64.95 £64.95
Green Man Grow Systems
  • 764001 green man single plant system with hailea 2201 air pump and air stone
  • 764000 green man single plant system

One of the latest top hydroponic growing systems!

The new Green Man System is efficient, uncomplicated, and is so highly versatile it’s practically an all-in-one hydroponic system! This system is so effective that you can almost just sit back and watch your plants grow themselves. Choose between the Green Man single plant system without air pump and air stone or the Green Man single plant system with Hailea air pump and air stone if you want a ready to go system.

  • Super easy to use
  • Lightweight material
  • Huge air-water ratio
  • Inspection lid for easy access to your root growth
  • Can be used as a single pot or multi pot system
  • Simplistic set-up
  • Produces strong yields

40cm x 40cm x 28cm

Recomended Additional Purchase 

Auto Top-Up Kit with Flexi Tank - automatically tops up your system from a separate Flexi Tank

How the Green Man System Works

The system has a sloping bottom that ensures every drop of water can be drained effectively. The heel design and base air ventilation channels at the bottom of the pot means that it never touches the cold floor. To keep your reservoir tank cooler, the white basket reflects light and heat, and has multiple draining holes to prevent blockages and give you unrivalled growth. Through the air pipes and drainage holes, the water can be recirculated through the system, or be drained out to keep your water and nutrients fresh. The pot is made of durable green plastic which is sturdy and gives the design a unique and recognisable flair.

The Green Man System Contains

The Green Man growing system contains a massive 40 Litre capacity reservoir tank, with a simple watering ring that keeps an even air-water ratio delivered to your plant’s roots. The system holds a 4” internal pocket to keep your airstone tightly in place, and an inspection flap built in to the top of the white basket enables you to effectively check the condition of your roots whilst allowing the release of warm gasses from your reservoir tank. An air pump is not included in the basic kit, Please choose an air pump from our wide range of Air Pumps & Airstones. The Green Man System with Hailea Air Pump and Air Stone comes with everything you need but neither system contains coco or clay pebbles, please also see our wide range Growing Media

We would definately recommend purchasing Silver Bullet Roots in addition to your system to keep your tanks completely sterile and all disease at bay.

Using the Green Man System

For greater efficiency, a 60/40 mix of coco and clay pebbles is recommended. The Green Man system can be used by new and experienced growers alike, and is compact enough that it can easily fit almost anywhere in your grow room. It can also be used as a single pot or multiple pot setup. This unique growing system is so versatile that it can be tailored to suit your every need.It can easily be used as:

  • A DWC system
  • A flood and drain system
  • A run to waste system
  • A self-watering Coco system
  • A Bubbler system